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Sculpture "Resort girl" in Zelenogradsk

The sculpture "Resort girl", can also be known as the sculpture "Tourist" (monument to a tourist) is the most popular sculpture of the resort city of Zelenogradsk, which has already become a recognizable landmark.

To take a picture with a sculpture (or the sculpture itself), sometimes you need to wait your turn.

The sculpture is made of fiberglass, patinated to bronze, and is located in the center of the main pedestrian tourist street of Zelenogradsk - onKurortny Prospekt.

The sculptural composition depicts a walking tourist girl, who is called a "Resort girl", in sandals and a light short dress and with a phone in her outstretched right hand - she probably wants to take a selfie.

Behind her, the resort woman carries a suitcase, on which a cute cat is comfortably placed. Well, where without cats in Zelenogradsk - they are held in high esteem there and are one of the symbols of the city.

Practical information

The sculpture "Resort girl" is located in the center of Kurortny Prospekt. The landmark is the house at number 7.

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