Yantarny, Kaliningrad region (Palmnicken)

Yantarny (until 1947 Palmniken) is an urban-type settlement located in the west of the Kaliningrad region, on the Baltic Sea coast, 48 kilometers from the regional center - the city of Kaliningrad.

Yantarny is considered the "capital" of the Amber region and the best resort in the Kaliningrad region.

The largest amber reserves in the world (about 90%) are concentrated in Yantarny and there is a unique place of its kind where amber is extracted on an industrial scale by an open method. The village is also famous for its wide sandy beach strip and some interesting sights.

A brief history of Yantarny

Yantarny was part of East Prussia until 1946.

The settlement of Palveniken (Palweniken) was first mentioned in documents in 1389. The name comes from the Prussian word "palwe", which means "wasteland, treeless swamp". By 1491, the name was transformed into Palmeniken (Palmenicken), and later the German form "Palmniken" was fixed.

The official date of Palmniken's formation is considered to be 1654. The main activities and means of earning the population of Palmniken were the extraction and processing of amber and fishing.

After the end of the Great Patriotic War, Palmniken, together with the entire region, departed from the USSR and was renamed Yantarny.

For a long time, Amber remained in relative neglect. But, starting in 2016, when the first Blue Flag beach appeared in the village, Yantarny began to develop and refine more intensively, turning into a resort, and thereby attracting an increasing number of tourists.

Beaches in Yantarny

Yantarny is famous for the longest and widest sandy beach strip in the region on the Baltic Sea coast, which runs along the entire village and goes beyond it.

The sand on the beaches is light and fine. Small pebbles are found near the edge of the seawater. The approach to the sea is gentle, the bottom is mostly sandy.

Two parts of the territory of the beach strip are marked with the international certificate of quality of beaches "Blue Flag" and have all the necessary beach infrastructure - this is the "Central Beach" and the beach "Mine Anna" ("Amber beach"). More about beaches in Amber...

The promenade in Yantarny

The promenade in Yantarny was opened in 2014 as an object of tourist infrastructure and since then has been one of the attractions and a popular place for walking and relaxing in Yantarny.

The promenade is completely pedestrian, made of Siberian larch, has wooden railings.

The length of the promenade is just under 2 kilometers. Decorative lanterns are installed on the promenade, there are places to rest and urns.

The amber promenade stretches parallel to the sea line in the south-north direction and connects the Central Beach (from the central descent to the sea from Becker Park) with the Anna Mine beach. Learn more about the promenade in Amber...

Amber Lake (Sinyavinskoe)

Lake Sinyavinskoye or Amber Lake is a freshwater reservoir that was formed on the site of the former Walter quarry for the extraction of amber.

When the amber-bearing rocks in the quarry were worked out, the quarry was deemed unprofitable and closed, the quarry was filled with spring and groundwater, resulting in the formation of a pond (lake).

Lake Sinyavinskoe is located between the villages of Yantarny and Sinyavino.

The approach to the pond is mainly limited by sufficient steepness and thickets. From the side of the village of Yantarny near the shore of the lake there is a small sandy beach - "Sinyavinsky Lake beach" or "Yantarny Lake beach".

The water in the pond is clear.

Near the lake beach there are: a volleyball court, a recreation center "Pearl" and two diving centers.

Coordinates of Lake Sinyavinsky: 54°53'15.0"N 19°56'54.0"E. More about the beach and lake...

Becker Park

Moritz Becker Park is a city park that is a historical monument and the pearl of Amber.

The park is located in the center of Amber, on an elevated terrace near the Baltic Sea and the Central Beach.

In Becker Park , notable:

- alleys running through the park;

- rare plants and trees;

- a memorial sign to the founder of the park - Moritz Becker;

- rotunda;

- literary and amber trail (Coastal Alley), along the eastern side of which stands with profiles of famous poets and poetesses and excerpts from their works are installed;

- the Museum of the Baltic Sea Countries, which is an open-air museum, whose sculptures, located near the alleys of Becker Park (central, coastal and middle), with the help of mythical creatures or heroes of national fairy tales, tell about the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea;

- view swings installed on the site above the cliff of the park in such a way that when swinging on them, views of the Yantarny Beach and the Baltic Sea open up. The swing is located on a wooden platform, on which, in addition to the swing itself, there are places for rest, urns. Panoramic views also open from the playground and benches;

- the former hunting castle, which dates back to the 17th century, and now is a 5-star hotel Schloss;

- wooden figures, amber fairs and cafes. More about Becker Park...

Squares in Yantarny

There are no large areas in Yantarny.

There are two small but cozy squares in the village, located on both sides of Becker Park.

Masters Square is the central and most attractive square in Amber.

The square got its name in 2007 in honor of the masters of jewelry, who in different periods of time devoted their talents and creative forces to amber.

On the square there are: a vintage-style trade and exhibition complex; cafes and eateries; places for recreation; retail outlets, which, among other things, sell amber products and amber cosmetics.

Address of Masters Square: 72 Sovetskaya Street. Learn more about Masters Square...

Park Square is a well-groomed square, marked by the so-called "Amber Way", which is located between the northern part of Becker Park and Sovetskaya Street.

The main street of Yantarny

The central street of Yantarny is Sovetskaya Street, which stretches along the entire village in the south-north direction, parallel to the beach strip and the sea.

At the address: Sovetskaya Street, 79a there is a supermarket "Victoria Quarter" and a small shopping center. Learn more about Sovetskaya Street...

Attractions in Yantarny

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Palmniken Church)

The Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is an Orthodox church, which is the main shrine of the village of Yantarny.

The current and restored church was originally the Palmniken Lutheran Church, founded on September 8, 1887. The church was built of boulders and shaped bricks and was a smaller copy of the Chapel of St. George of the royal castle of Montbijou on the outskirts of Berlin.

In 1990, the church building was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church. On January 13, 1991, the shrine was consecrated as a temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

The address of the temple: Sovetskaya Street, 67A. More about the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God...

Entrance sign "Virgin of the Baltic"

The entrance sign "Virgin of the Baltic", also known as the "Mermaid composition", is an entrance sign in the form of a mermaid composition in sea waters, installed at the southern entrance to Yantarny (from the city of Kaliningrad) - Sovetskaya Street.

The sign is one of the symbols of the village, and its part is depicted on souvenirs and postcards.

The sign was built in 1998 by the art cooperative "Victoria". Subsequently, restoration work was carried out.

A local legend is associated with this sign, which tells about the love of a fisherman and a mermaid - the daughter of the ruler of the sea waters of Triton. Having learned about the love of his beloved daughter for an ordinary fisherman, the lord of the water elements became enraged and killed the fisherman. The mermaid wept bitterly until her tears became amber pebbles, exactly those that were carried ashore by the waves and found by the villagers and vacationers on the coast.

Coordinates: 54°51'20"N (54.855788), 19°56'59"E (19.949791).

Observation deck of the Amber Combine (Primorsky quarry)

The observation deck of the existing Primorsky open-pit amber quarry is a unique tourist attraction, since visitors to the site, located at an altitude of more than 50 meters, can observe in real time the work in the amber quarry - the only place in the world where amber is extracted on an industrial scale by open-pit mining.

Lookout career is part of the complex under the open sky, which includes, in addition to the observation, the following tourist facilities: landscaped area; the pavilion dining, shopping hall and WC; observation tower; "the Amber pyramid"; "amber tree"; attraction "the amber"; the layout of the entrance to "Mine Anne"; layout of "Hangman" and some of the equipment for mining.

The complex of the observation deck of the Primorsky quarry is located just south-east of the village of Yantarny. Coordinates: 54°51'43"N (54.861992), 19°58'19"E (19.972205).

Entrance to the observation complex is paid. Website: ambercombine. Learn more about the complex of the observation deck of the Primorsky quarry...

Amber Factory Museum

The Museum of the Amber Combine is an interactive exhibition hall called the Amber Chamber.

The exposition of the museum, located on the ground floor of the building of the restored former Tool shop of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, tells about the history and industrial activity of the combine, and also shows the amber collection of the enterprise.

In addition, the hall is equipped with a photo zone where you can sit on the "Amber Throne", try on an amber tiara and amber beads, while taking photos for memory.

In addition to the exhibition, the museum also functions as a retail space where guests can buy amber souvenirs, gifts and jewelry with amber and amber.

Museum address: 1 Balebina Street (entrance from Zheleznodorozhnaya Street). Website: ambercombine. More about the Amber Factory Museum...

Museum and Exhibition complex "Amber Castle"

The Amber Castle Museum and Exhibition Complex has ancient roots.

According to reports, the complex is located on the site of a former building that was once part of the Palmniken fortress.

The museum's expositions are based on a narrative about the history of Palmniken-Amber and amber crafts - from the origin of amber deposits to its extraction and processing.

In addition to the expositions, the museum has an interactive hall where visitors can observe the processing of amber in existing workshops and try to make something for themselves.

There is also a shop in the museum; temporary author's exhibitions of artists are held; creative evenings; concerts; amber auctions are arranged.

The museum's address is 61a Sovetskaya Street.Coordinates: 54°52'8"N (54.868943), 19°56'22"E (19.939517). Website: amber-castle-amber. More about the Amber Castle Museum...

The layout of the "Palmniken of the late XIX century"

The ceramic model "Palmniken of the late XIX century" depicts Palmniken at the end of the 19th century.

The highlight of the layout is the amber trees.

The layout is located in the courtyard of the Amber Lagoon store, located at 63 Sovetskaya Street.Coordinates: 54°52'7"N (54.868627), 19°56'20"E (19.939078).

Palmniken Water Tower

The water tower was built in 1920 in Palmniken. For this reason, the tower is called the "Palmniken water tower".

The tower has a height of 35 meters and a diameter of 11 meters.

During the overhaul of the roof and facade of the tower in 2006 - 2007, a weather vane in the shape of a unicorn was installed on the tower.

Currently, the water tower operates for its intended purpose.

The address of the tower: 3 Zheleznodorozhnaya Street. Coordinates: 54°52'14"N (54.870771), 19°56'29"E (19.941602).Learn more about the water tower...

Mass grave of Soviet soldiers

The mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died in April 1945 was formed during the fighting. More than 50 people are buried in it.

The monument was erected in 1950.

In 2006, a symbolic reburial of unknown pilots who died in the vicinity of Palmniken was moved to a mass grave - a two-seater aircraft, presumably of American production, was found in the quarry area, the remains of the pilots were not found.

The address of the mass grave: Sovetskaya Street, 60 (intersection of Sovetskaya and Zheleznodorozhnaya streets). Coordinates: 54°52'10"N (54.869450), 19°56'19"E (19.938868).

Monument to the victims of the Holocaust

The Monument to the victims of the Holocaust is a memorial to the victims of the "Death March", which is designed to remind and never forget about the tragedy that became the last act of the Holocaust in East Prussia and occurred in January 1945, when several thousand people were shot on the Baltic Sea coast, who were brought to Palmniken from the ghettos and concentration camps of East Prussia.

The monument is set on a two-tiered base, carved from granite, seven-meter-high three arms raised to the sky, on which are the numbers of concentration camp prisoners.

"They are pulling their hands up out of the water in search of salvation, help, which did not come at that moment," explains the idea of one of the authors of the project - Frank Meisler.

A little to the north of the monument there is a memorial sign - a small pyramid created from field stones, on which a memorial plaque with the inscription is fixed: "In memory of the 7000 victims of the Holocaust killed by the Nazis on January 31, 1945 ..." and a plaque: "The memorial was installed at the expense of the Jewish Community of Kaliningrad ...".

The monument to the victims of the Holocaust and the memorial sign are located near the northern outskirts of the village of Yantarny, near the beaches and the sea, between Sovetskaya Street and the coastal strip. Coordinates: 54°53'4"N (54.884650), 19°56'8"E (19.935566). Learn more about the monument to the victims of the Holocaust and the memorial sign...

Observation deck "Anna Mine"

The Anna mine is the former Anna amber mining mine, which was founded in 1883 in the village of Pilmniken.

Since 1922, due to unprofitability, work began on the conservation of the mine, and soon the production was closed.

Currently, only small remnants of the Anna mine have been preserved, including the remains of the Anna mine retaining wall, above which the Anna Mine observation deck is located.

The observation deck is a small piece of soil.

The site offers panoramic views of the coast, quarries, part of the beach strip, the Baltic Sea and the monument to the victims of the Holocaust.

The observation deck is located near the northern border of the village of Yantarny. The approach is from Sovetskaya Street. More about the observation deck "Anna Mine"...

Learn more about all the sights in Yantarny...

Learn more about viewing platforms in Yantarny...

Equestrian complex

On the eastern outskirts of Yantarny, at the address: Lugovaya Street, 1, there is an equestrian complex "Becker", where everyone can ride a horse and take a horse ride, arrange a photo session with horses or take riding lessons.

Also on the territory of the equestrian complex are: rooms, a cafe and a Finnish sauna. Website: ksk-becker.

Where to go from Yantarny

The city of Kaliningrad is the administrative center of the Kaliningrad region and the westernmost regional center of Russia.

You can get from Yantarny to Kaliningrad by taxi, car or public buses.

Svetlogorsk is the largest and most developed resort city in the Kaliningrad region.

You can get from Yantarny to Svetlogorsk by taxi, car or public buses.

The resort town of Zelenogradsk, which has a long beach strip, a central pedestrian street, as well as historical sights and museums.

Curonian Spit is a national park with unique natural complexes: sand dunes, dancing forest, royal forest, lake "Swan", etc.

In 2000, the Curonian Spit was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

You can visit the Curonian Spit with one of the excursions, as well as independently, by car, taxi or by bus to one of the villages: Lesnoy, Rybachy, Morskoye.

The length of the Kush Spit is about 48 kilometers, the main and most interesting places of interest are located at a sufficient distance from the villages and from each other, so a trip by public bus is not the most suitable option for visiting the Curonian Spit.

How to get to Yantarny

The bulk of the guests visiting the region and the village of Yantarny, including, come to Kaliningrad, since all long-distance trains arrive in the city, and the only airport in the region "Khrabrovo" named after Empress Elizabeth Petrovna is located near the city. Flights to Kaliningrad →

From Khrabrovo Airport to Yantarny

Khrabrovo International Airport is located 55 kilometers from the center of Yantarny.

You can get from the airport directly to Yantarny by taxi or car.



The most convenient way to travel independently in the Kaliningrad region is by car. You can rent a car in advance, even from home, the car will be waiting for you immediately upon arrival. Rent a car →

Public transport from the airport to Yantarny does not run, you can get there with transfers through the center of Kaliningrad. You can find out how to get from the airport to Kaliningrad here...

From the center of Kaliningrad to Yantarny

You can get from Kaliningrad to Yantarny by taxi, car or public buses.



Rent a car in Kaliningrad →

The buses

From Kaliningrad Amber, and Amber in Kaliningrad, run the public buses that leave from the bus station of Kaliningrad, located near the southern J station at the address: Zheleznodorozhnaya ulitsa, 7. Also buses make several stops in the city of Kaliningrad, including a stop near the North station (Sovetskiy Prospekt, bus stop "North station").

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices at the bus station. If you board the bus at city stops, tickets can be purchased from the conductor.

Buses run daily. Approximately every hour from 06:25 a.m. to 21:15 p.m. (time may vary and depends on the season).

Travel time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The exact bus schedule and ticket prices can be specified on the bus station website.

Buses make several stops in Yantarny, including near beaches, the final one in the village is Balebina Street 2A.

Where to stay in Yantarny (hotels)

There are enough accommodation facilities in the small resort village of Yantarny. Basically, these are separate apartments (apartments) with all amenities, there are also hotels, guest houses and recreation centers.

The 5-star Schloss Hotel Yantarny (Schloss hotel), located in a historic mansion, in the very center of Yantarny, surrounded by Becker Park, near the Central Beach.

This hotel is considered the best in Amber.

The hotel features: free Wi-Fi, spa center, sauna, fitness center, indoor pool with hot tub, terrace, restaurant and 24-hour lobby bar with fireplace.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a seating area.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. Link to the hotel

3-star Hotel Becker (Becker) located in the center of Amber, near the Central beach.

The hotel has free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, a German-style restaurant, rooms and apartments with fully equipped kitchens.

All rooms and apartments are decorated in warm colors and feature a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a work desk. Link to the hotel

Aquatoria Hotel, located near Shakhta Anna beach

At the hotel: free Wi-Fi, parking, garden, lobby bar, summer restaurant and private descent to the coast.

The hotel has a playground with a view of the coast and the sea, as well as a small area where you can stay in a camping van. Link to the hotel

From hotels also:

- Aquamarine Hotel with barbecue facilities, garden, dining area, 24-hour front desk, room service and free Wi-Fi throughout. Link to the hotel

- Anna Hotel features a restaurant, 24-hour front desk, private parking and free Wi-Fi. Link to the hotel

Near the beach strip of the Baltic Sea in Yantarny you can stay:

- apartment "Amber House Sovetskaya 40k sq. 21 Residential Complex" with free Wi-Fi, balcony and sea view. Link to the apartment

- FreeDom Apartments - Apartments Yantarny with garden view, terrace, balcony, free private parking and free Wi-Fi. Link to the apartment

- guest house "By the Beach" with free private parking on site, free Wi-Fi, a shared kitchen and rooms with private bathrooms. Link to the guest house

Near the beach of the Amber lake (Sinyavinsky):

- recreation center "Pearl" with a cafe, terrace, free private parking, children's playground, barbecue, the possibility of renting gazebos, camping and a mini-hotel with family rooms. Link to the recreation center

- Friday Apart-hotel with free Wi-Fi, barbecue facilities, terrace, garden and free private parking. Link to the apart-hotel

- Sea and Lake Apartment in Yantarniy offers garden views, free Wi-Fi and free private parking. Link to the apartment

All accommodation facilities in Yantarny, including near the beaches and in the center of the village, can be viewed and booked here

The village of Yantarny on the map

Tourist map of Yantarny

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