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Walking route along the coast: Pionersky - Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad Oblast

On another weekend, we took a short hiking trip along the Baltic Sea coast of the Kaliningrad region: from Pionersky to Zelenogradsk.

You can walk the whole way along the sea line. On the one hand - the boundless sea, on the other - vegetation, sometimes coniferous, to which a steep slope leads most of the way.

All this energizes, relaxes and gives a lot of impressions. At the end of the journey, you feel a pleasant fatigue in your body, and in your soul you become refreshed and rested.

The strip of coast along the route is mostly sandy-pebbly and wide, sometimes narrower, rocky or completely sandy.

On warm summer days, a walk can be combined with swimming in the sea waters.

The approximate length of the route, from the railway and bus station in Pionerskoye to the railway and bus station in Zelenogradsk, is 18.7 kilometers. The time of a leisurely journey with halts and contemplation of the terrain is 7 hours 33 minutes.

Pionersky Coast

Rounding Cape Guards

During the way, there are stairs leading to the forest belt, along the paths of which you can also walk.


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Wind turbines near the coast (wind farm in Kulikovo. Zelenograd wind farm). In 2018, they were decommissioned and are currently dismantled.

Between the villages of Kulikovo and Priboy, directly near the coastline, the area is characterized mainly by coniferous vegetation. People come here and come to rest, arrange picnics, including barbecue. There are several wooden tables with benches.

There is also a wide sandy beach.

And, as a consequence of a large number of people, household garbage can be seen both in the forest zone and directly on the coastline.

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The city of Zelenogradsk! More information about Zelenogradsk: beaches, streets, park, attractions, museums, etc. can be found in a separate article →

How to get to Pionersky and Zelenogradsk

From Kaliningrad, to Pionersky, to Zelenogradsk, you can get:

- taxi. You can find out the cost and order a taxi here →

- the car. Car rental in Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad airport →

- public buses. The timetable can be specified here →

- trains from the Southern and Northern railway stations. The timetable can be specified here →

Hotels and apartments in Pionerskoye →

Hotels and apartments in Zelenogradsk →

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