Sigulda - the delight and charm of Gauja Park


Sigulda, a small town and a lovely place to stay, located in the picturesque Gauja National Park. Here you will find a peaceful vacation surrounded by pristine nature, nature reserves, castles and palaces of the middle ages, as well as space for active recreation and entertainment.

This article will tell you about Hiking routes in Sigulda and its surroundings, as well as what to do and what you can manage to see in Sigulda in one day with kids and without them.


It was a long time ago, exactly when nobody will remember. In those days, in the vicinity of the present beautiful town of Sigulda there was a powerful and majestic Turaida castle, where people lived. They lived peacefully and quite happily, but here on earth Turaida castle was invaded by the Swedes. The battle was fierce and bloody.

After the completion of the battle, while the Swedes feasted victory in the valley, and descended the clerk of the castle to see if they need help. Then, in the darkness he heard a baby crying, coming closer, the body of a murdered woman he saw a baby. The baby was a girl, the clerk took pity on a poor orphan, took it himself, was adopted and named Maya.

As time went on, the girl grew up and flourished. When Maya was 19, she...


We were in Sigulda one day, this course is very small, because in Sigulda and the vicinity of the city really is, what to see and where to go.

Sigulda is located in Housecom national Park, which involves three of the walking route, following each of which it is possible not only to find solitude and enjoy the wildlife, but also see a lot of monuments of history and architecture. To go through all the trails and seeing all the beauty of Gauja, it is best to come to Sigulda at least two, and preferably three days.

One day we visited the city with all its sights, parks and gardens, palaces and castles. Sigulda town is small, quite beautiful, quiet and cozy. We walked it all in about an hour. Then went to the cable car, the beginning of the Hiking route is long 5-five kilometers.


Sigulda is a small town located 51 km from the Latvian capital. Go to Sigulda, first of all, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and over the beautiful, untouched nature, fresh air and privacy.

In addition to the gorgeous nature in Sigulda is a lot of monuments of architecture and history, medieval castles, churches, parks and other interesting places of interest.

In this article, we slowly walk through Sigulda and see the main highlights in our view the sights of the city. This city is beautiful, producing impressions and some calming quiet. In places like the small towns of Bavaria. So, our walk in Sigulda started from...


Two of the most popular Sigulda castle, Sigulda is the New Palace (castle) and the Medieval castle of the Livonian order. These two monuments of history and architecture, along with the famous Turaida Museum reserve and Turaida castle, which we describe in a later article, so famous Sigulda.

And it's no wonder every year come here hundreds of tourists and locals, the New Sigulda castle is one of the most beautiful castles we have ever seen during all my travels. So two locks are a complex of Sigulda Palace, also called the old and the new Sigulda castles. They are located in the same area, one after the other.

Will tell you all about it, here we enter the territory of Sigulda Palace and appears...


Sigulda is a small, one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities of Latvia, is situated on both banks of the ancient course of the river Gauja. And certainly every trip to Riga is not without arrival at least one day in Sigulda.

How to get to Sigulda from Riga will be discussed in this article.

Sigulda is located 51 km from Riga. To get from Riga to Sigulda in several ways: by car or taxi; by bus; by train (the train). The fastest way to get from Riga to Sigulda is...

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