Sigulda Castles: New Sigulda Palace and the Medieval Castle of the Livonian Order

Two of the most popular Sigulda castle, Sigulda is the New Palace (castle) and the Medieval castle of the Livonian order. These two monuments of history and architecture, along with the famous Turaida Museum reserve and Turaida castle, which we describe in one of the following articles, as the famous Sigulda. And it's no wonder every year come here hundreds of tourists and locals, the New Sigulda castle is one of the most beautiful castles we have ever seen during all my travels.

So two locks are a complex of Sigulda Palace, also called the old and the new Sigulda castles. They are located in the same area, one after the other.

Will tell you all about it, here we enter the territory of Sigulda Palace. Entrance to the complex of castles is through a stylized medieval stone gate.

stone gate, entrance to the complex of the Sigulda Palace

Entering the stone gate, gaze presents a beautiful, breathtaking beauty of New Sigulda castle (Siguldas Jauna pils) or the Palace, who somehow. New castle also called the White castle. Palace leads to the well maintained path on both sides decorated with lawns and shrubs.

New Sigulda Castle

The new Sigulda castle is the main symbol of the city, it is printed on most all postcards, magnets and other souvenir products that can be purchased in the souvenir shops of the city.

New castle (palace) in Sigulda, Latvia

But to be honest, it is no not the castle, very beautiful, like a castle, but not castle. It's just a two-storey main house with Central tower, built not so long ago, in the second half of the 19th century in 1878-1881 years in the Gothic revival style. That's standing behind him, an old Medieval castle, Yes, surviving in the ruins of a 1200 years was a real majestic castle. It began with a form the city.

As you have probably figured out, the passage to the old castle is through a New lock. In the photo the ruins of the old castle

Medieval castle of the Livonian Order, Sigulda, Latvia

But more about the old castle a little later, but for now back to New castle. So, the New Sigulda castle is not a castle, and the main building of the estate, the house former owners, princes Kropotkin's, it is still called the manor house Writer, and the castle Kropotkin.

In 1936, New castle became the property of the Latvian society press. And since 1993, the castle houses the Sigulda regional Council.

Around the New castle, you will find quite large and very well maintained Park with alleys, flower gardens and various sculptures.

the territory of the Sigulda Castle

sculptural compositions of the Sigulda Castle

In the center of the Park, New castle, a bronze monument to the Latvian pedagogue and publicist Atis Kronvald (Ata Kronvalda piemineklis).

monument to Atis Kronwald, Sigulda, Latvia

Near the White castle on the former territory of the Sigulda manor to the present day has preserved several buildings, informed officials of the subsidiary rooms of the main Palace of the estate, this house servants of the manor, barns, a Laundry, a cellar for food storage, etc.

auxiliary rooms of the Sigulda Castle Palace

household.buildings near the Sigulda Castle

Currently, some of the former auxiliary buildings restored and now it is the so-called Creative quarter Chodskeho castle.

Creative quarter of Sigud Castle

In the creative quarter and the workshops of different masters, there is a weaving workshop, leather workshop, wood case. Masters of crafts can not only tell, and demonstrate to the whole production process of their products, but you can personally participate in some stages of production. For example, independently color the cane, it will be interesting for children, or to choose the skin from which you will make the cover of the passport or make a purse. All products can be bought. All this nonsense of course is expensive, but if someone is interested.

workshops of the creative quarter of the Sigulda Castle

If you get around the New lock on the left side, then exit to the observation deck, which offers a panoramic view on Gowicki national Park.

observation deck at the New Castle in Sigulda

Gauja National Park, Sigulda, Latvia

By going for the New castle exit to the old Sigulda castle of the Livonian order (or viduslaiku pils Sigulda Sigulda Medieval Castle).

Around the ruins of the Sigulda medieval castle preserved the moat, previously defending the castle from enemy attack. Now across the ditch from the platform, there is also the cashier. And Yes, the entrance to the grounds of the old castle paid adult ticket costs EUR 1,42, children, student and retirement of 0.71 euros. But the new castle and its surroundings can be viewed absolutely free.

the old Sigulda castle of the Livonian Order

Sigulda Medieval castle was built in 1207 by the Livonian order as a fortress. It was this fortress originates from the town of Sigulda and its surroundings. Later, the castle was rebuilt in the building complex includes a convent type.

To the present day in compositions of the ruins of Medieval Sigulda castle preserved part of the castle walls and the two towers North and Main.

Entrance to the castle is through the gates of the Tower

security tower of Sigulda Castle

The tower can be reached from the entrance at the gate, and come out of the Central part of the South wall, or Vice versa. In the photo the entrance to the tower from the castle and part of the southern defensive wall.

part of the southern wall and the observation tower of the Medieval Castle, Sigulda

the entrance to the tower from the side of the castle of the Livonian Order

Exhibits inside the tower

exhibition exhibits in the tower of the Sigulda Medieval Castle

Medieval stone and very narrow stairs in the tower

stone steps in the tower of Sigulda Castle

Throughout the castle here and there are preserved the remains of the castle. A concert venue and entertainment in the form of archery and a medieval Board game "Mill".

the remains of the Sigulda Castle

ruins of a medieval castle in Sigulda

concert venue on the territory of Sigulda Castle

archery game, castle in Sigulda

medieval board game Mill

The second surviving North tower of Sigulda castle

The Northern tower of Sigulda Castle

This tower, too, can rise. In the summer there is a lift. From the observation deck of the tower offers gorgeous views of the national Park "Gauja".

Gauja National Park, Sigulda, Latvia

panorama of Gauja Park, Sigulda, Latvia

Here you can see the Turaida castle and Krimulda manor

on the left - Turaida Castle, on the right-Krimulda estate

So Sigulda medieval castle looked in its heyday

Sigulda medieval Castle in its heyday

Complex Chodskeho castle we had made a very good impression. The place is really very picturesque and well maintained, and the New castle is gorgeous. This is the place to visit we with confidence can recommend to all travelers and tourists.

New and Medieval castles of Sigulda is located in Sigulda, about one and a half kilometers from Auto and railway stations, the coordinates of Sigulda, Siguldas pilseta, LV-2150, Latvia. From the station (Stacijas laukums) can be easily reached on foot, along a scenic road, encountering on the way many interesting sights of Sigulda, but they are in the next article))

On our walk in Sigulda and other attractions and Parking please read the following articles. Article about walk in Sigulda, read here. Hiking trails with cable cars, Gutman's cave and Turaida Museum-reserve, here. And an article about all the tourist routes of Riga and about what to see and do in Sigulda read here.

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