Legend of the Turaida Rose - romance of Latvia

In a previous article, we talked about his walk through the beautiful nature Park Gauja in Latvia and casually mention a beautiful romantic and tragic history of the big and light love. Today we will tell this legend!

It was a long time ago, exactly when nobody will remember. In those days, in the vicinity of the present beautiful town of Sigulda there was a powerful and majestic Turaida castle, where people lived. They lived peacefully and quite happily, but here on earth Turaida castle was invaded by the Swedes. The battle was fierce and bloody. After the completion of the battle, while the Swedes feasted victory in the valley, and descended the clerk of the castle to see if they need help. Then, in the darkness he heard a baby crying, coming closer, the body of a murdered woman he saw a baby. The baby was a girl, the clerk took pity on a poor orphan, took it himself, was adopted and named Maya.

As time went on, the girl grew up and flourished. When Maya was 19, she blossomed like a flower Bud turning into a beautiful young lady. She was so beautiful that her beauty no one could compare in the neighborhood and called it Turiscai rose. The young men sighed after her, and the girls secretly envied such beauty.

Maya fell in love with the gardener of the neighbouring estate of Victor, he loved her too. Every night they met in a cave above the river Gauja, where did all evening long, enjoying each other away from human eyes. One day, Victor did the Maya offer of marriage, she agreed.

The couple were happy and cost plans for a bright future. But before the wedding, came to the edge of the Polish officer Adam, the girl he once liked. As soon as Adam tried to seduce Maya he did not succeed, the proud girl refused to go. After another unsuccessful attempt to win the heart of Impatiens officer just smitten with rage and decided to force master Maya: "since she did not get me, do not let them get anyone".

Then he went to the trick and allegedly on behalf of Victor one evening he invited this girl for a meeting in a secluded place of lovers, the Gutmana cave. Unsuspecting and naive Maya came at the appointed hour, and in the cave instead of the groom waiting for her officer with his friend.

Maya immediately realized what was going on and what are you going to make two young men, but the strength to cope with the two strong guys she was not. To live in shame without her beloved was to her unthinkable. And then she also went to the trick shot presented by Victor handkerchief, on which was written: "Love is stronger than death" and said it was a talisman, given to the witch, and supposedly its owner invulnerable in battle. In those days people believed in magic, sorcery and supernatural power different items. And the officer has already seen several battles and many deaths, just could not resist the temptation over time to become the owner of not only girls, but this river thing.

Adam demanded from Maya evidence of the magic power of the handkerchief. Then Turaida rose wrapped a scarf around the neck and said, "Come and see everything myself!". The officer without hesitation took his sword and pierced them the girl's body. Of course any power that the handkerchief did not possess. The bloody rose fell to the ground and died. And the boy, frightened, ran away into the forest.

When Victor came into the cave, then found a dead Maya, his grief knew no bounds. It was found in a cave, with a girl's body on his hands. The blame for the murder has been pinned on Victor. The court sentenced him to death by hanging. But then came the crime of the Polish pan and all told, Victor paid off and Adam was found hanged in the woods on one of the branches of the trees.

Victor buried the bride in Turaida graveyard, planted at the grave of a favorite tree, Maya - tree, and took from the grave a handful of earth and went into a far country. The lime and to this day can be seen at the grave of Turaida rose.

In the photo is the Gutmana cave, which once met the lovers

the legend of the Turaida Rose-Gutmanya Cave, Latvia

In the same previous article, we mentioned about another small recess in the rock near the Gutmana cave, so according to one version it dug a Victor, to in hours of meetings with his lover not to be cold in the wind, and could take refuge.

Here's a beautiful and tragic story of pure love Olivet Latvian monuments of nature. True or not, nobody knows, but the Latvians argue that archival sources of proof. Whatever it is, it's just another legend of sublime feelings and loyalty.

But if at the end of this legend was completely different, if my beloved were together and lived happily ever after, would this story then a legend passed through time?

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