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Shopping in Riga. What to bring from Riga (Latvia)

First, the article will tell you about shopping in Riga, and finally about what to bring from Latvia (Riga).

Shopping is an integral part of any trip to another country and Latvia is no exception. Naturally the best shopping in Latvia is the capital city of Riga. Besides shopping in Riga is a great opportunity to get to know the city better.

Outset, if you want to find in Riga cheap shopping, then this is in the Latvian capital almost impossible. Shopping in Riga not cheap, but still pretty. For example, three pairs of socks at a sports store, like our "Sportmaster", cost from € 20, dresses from 50-70 Euros, and shoes from 100 Euros and above. Despite the relatively high price, many people still find shopping in Riga is quite a fascinating process.

Where can you find shopping in the centre of Riga. Yes, almost everywhere, at every step you will meet shopping malls and boutiques in which, each chosen for yourself or as a gift to stylish clothes and accessories, fashion jewelry from famous masters of art and organic cosmetics, and designer furnishings.

One of the shopping centers is located in the heart of the historical part of Riga, in the so-called Old city, it is Galerija Centrs (address: Audeju iela 16, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia). In this Mall presents a number of departments with clothes, shoes, accessories, perfume and cosmetics, appliances, electronics and other goods, which are in abundance in any Mall of any major city in the world. It is very convenient to navigate in this shopping center, the information on the interactive information boards is available in several languages.

Galerija Centrs shopping center in Riga

A couple of blocks from the old town of Riga, the railway station is another shopping center - Department store Stockmann Univers alveikals (address: Janvara iela 8, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia). This shopping center also charge many brands of clothes and shoes, work food service area and a cinema.

universal store Universalveikals Stockmann in Riga

Another bigger shopping center in the old town is behind a cable-stayed bridge. This shopping center Olimpia islocated at the address: Azenes iela 5, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia.

Olimpia Shopping Center in Riga

On the left Bank of the Daugava river you can find many other shopping centers.

In addition to shopping centers in Riga there are a huge number of various boutiques, offering a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for every taste and budget. This mass production goods and products by designers of different levels, from local to global brands, from medium to very high elite class. A boutique food and sweets.

boutiques in Riga

A great place for shopping will be a quarter of the "Bazar Berg" (Berga Bazars), located in the heart of Riga, which is also called a city within a city. In the district of Berg is the many elegant boutiques, art shops, arcades, cafes and restaurants.

On Saturdays at the Bazaar Berga is fair - farmer's market (Farmers market). The famous fair of organic products, specially brought for this purpose from Latvian farms. Read more about the Bazaar Berg read here. Is Bazaar Berga between the busy streets of Riga, Dzirnavu, Marijas and Elizabetes street.

Berga Bazaar shopping complex in Riga

For a gastronomic shopping in Riga, great local markets, the most famous and largest of which is the Riga Central market, located within walking distance from the historic centre of Riga at: at: Negu iela 7,Riga, LV-1050, Latvia (street Negu 7). The market represented a huge number of local produce - cheeses, dairy products, sausages, fresh rye bread, fresh meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, honey and sweets, pickles, delicacies and other tasty Goodies.

Tourists come to this market not only to taste Latvian products and bring home the Goodies, but to feel the local flavor: the unique atmosphere and variety of goods on the shelves. On the market you can also buy food products made in eco-technologies, that's driven away tourists all sorts of Goodies, which is famous for Latvia. Details about Central market of Riga can be read here.

Central market in Riga

In recent years, Riga has opened outlets, which at moderate prices to buy clothes and accessories of Italian and French fashion brands. However, this direction in Latvia is still in its infancy, and the great variety of outlets in the country you will hardly find. I hope this area will develop and gain momentum, and in the near future we will be able to indulge in inexpensive goods, the most fashionable fashion houses at affordable prices.

If you are planning to visit Latvia on the eve of Christmas, in this time you will find the famous European Christmas markets. In November and December in Riga working Christmas market, located in the old town on the famous dome square. The market is decorated by all the rules of the Christmas celebrations in the center of the square set a large tree, and around it placed a lot of tents selling Souvenirs, Christmas and new year paraphernalia, products craftsmen and, of course, traditional Christmas food and drinks.

What to bring from Riga, Latvia

Now tell you a bit about what to bring from Latvia (Riga) for yourself or as a gift to relatives and friends.

In addition to well-known magnets and Souvenirs with symbols of Latvia and the capital, you can purchase candle holders in the form Riga attractions, jewelry made of amber, which is famous for the Baltic States or angels, they are in Latvia symbolize happiness and prosperity. What angels and what not in the souvenir shops on the streets of Riga, it is small and larger angels, different textures and shapes, made of wood, glass, metal, fabric and even paper.

souvenir shops in Riga

You can buy yourself or as a gift, the famous Latvian knitwear - scarves, socks, mittens, and interesting cap with a long POM-POM, which serve as two in one, and a hat and scarf. To buy such lamps in any store or gift shop in the centre of Riga, either separately or in the kit. Hat with long POM-POM-scarf costs from 25 Euros.

shopping in Riga (Latvia)

A great gift for women will be universal cosmetics and perfumery Dzintars (Dzintars). Dzintars is the Latvian perfume brand, has won international fame. To purchase the products record can be in specialized stores throughout the city.

Also, can you please close gastronomic surprises. This is the famous Riga sprats and balms, honey and sweets like chocolates famous Latvian chocolate factory "Laima". Sold it all in the shops of Riga, in a single form, and whole sets in colorful gift packages.

gastronomic shopping in Riga

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