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Berga Bazaar in Riga - luxury shopping complex

Between the lively streets of Riga Dzirnavu, Marijas and Elizabetes street nestled a beautiful and quiet place - Bazaar Berg.

Beautiful house on the intersection of Elizabetes street (Elizabetes iela) and Marians (Marijas iela)

intersection of Elizabetes and Marijans streets in Riga

If you dive in between these impressive buildings and continue your journey on Elizabetes street, on the right side of the street you will go straight to the main entrance of the Bazaar Bergas.

Berg Bazaar in Riga

Bazaar Berga (Berga Bazars) is an historical pedestrian quarter, consisting of an ensemble of several buildings preserved in its age-old power of the architectural complex, built at the turn of 19-20 centuries, the city planner and industrialist Kristaps Bergs by architect Konstantin Pekshens.

One hundred years ago, Bergs Bazaar was one of the leading centers of economic and cultural life of Latvia. Complex was built with the use of the motif of the Oriental Bazaar within the same quarter of the city of Riga. The ensemble Bazaar was merged with many shops and apartments.

Currently, the Market of Berg became the international trading center, reflecting the diversity of economic and cultural life of Riga. Now the district is completely pedestrian, it houses the most famous Riga's boutiques, salons, arcades, cafes, restaurants, offices, banks, sports complex and Wellness centre, as well as a cinema and a five star boutique Hotel Bergs. The only Latvian institution of the prestigious hotel Alliance, Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

In the market and the annual summer festival. Summer Festival of Berga Bazaar is a unique event under the open sky, created for the enjoyment of sound and taste in an atmosphere pleasing to the eye, a flourishing quarter. Regularly occurring, weekly, summer concerts offer a variety of music programs - jazz, Blues, funk, fusion, cabaret, French chanson, Fado, etc.

the most elite shopping center in Riga is the Berg Bazaar

The Berga Bazaar, a Paradise for shopaholics. No shopping trip to the Latvian capital is not complete without a visit to this famous quarter. And all because the old quarter of Berga, is not only a symbol of the city, but one of the main places of Riga for shopping and restaurants. The boutiques of the Berga Bazaar offer its guests, both local and foreign goods, local and international designers of clothing, shoes and accessories. After visiting the boutiques, you can dine in one of the upscale restaurants or cafes of the quarter.

Berg Bazaar

Berga Bazars

Even if you are not going to buy anything and look into the cafe, you just walk from Berg's Bazaar. Believe me it's worth it! Walking from Berg's Bazaar is a pleasure, its peaceful tranquility, purity, the historical content and intimate charm, leave behind a truly unforgettable experience.

Berga Bazars in Riga

Berga Bazars

Berga Bazaar photo

Bergs Bazaar looks like the little Italian or French towns. Everything here is imbued with a special atmosphere, and the air is filled with the charm of European culture.

Bazaar Berg appeared before us as a village within the city, creating a unique ensemble of contemporary commercial, retail and residential center of international level. Here, narrow streets and arches, like the fairy tales or the set, and glass showcases of shops and restaurants. And all of this stone-and-glass splendor harmoniously diluted ornamental trees in tubs, standing right in the middle of narrow streets.

Riga Bazaar Berga photo

Berga Bazaar in Riga photo

In the ensemble Bazaar Berga are a few quite small areas, with lots of interesting sculptures and compositions, bearing a certain character.

sculptures, Berga bazaar, Riga

sculptural composition, Berga Bazaar, Riga

the composition is dedicated to Easter, Berga Bazaar, Riga

The main attraction of oasis Berg is a tree in the center. This tree is very famous, it can be seen in many Latvian Souvenirs, postcards and magnets.

the famous symbol of the Berga Bazaar in Riga

Every Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 o'clock, Bazaar Berga quiet and relaxing turns into full of life and bustling trading point. Here is a lively fair - farmer's market (Farmers market). The famous fair of organic products, specially brought for this purpose from Latvian farms. There, on the fair you can buy samples of the most interesting works of Latvian craftsmen, and to get acquainted with the ideas of Latvian organic agriculture. And lovers of good healthy cooking can taste the special quality of these products.

During the farmers ' market offers a wide variety of food products - homemade bread, smoked meat and fish, various cheeses, jams, canned vegetables and confectionery. There you can buy fresh milk and meat of pork, beef, chicken or rabbit.

Also on the market sell beautiful fashion accessories, jewelry, children's toys and home-made cosmetics from natural products - creams, oils, scrubs, soap, etc.

Bazaar Berga is located in the city center of Riga, walking distance from historic centre (old town), the railway station and Riga Central market, at the address: Dzirnavu iela 83/85, Centra rajons, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia.

Official website of Bazaar Berga:

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