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Freedom Monument and Laima Clock in Riga

One of the most famous sites of Riga is the Freedom Monument and Laima clock. We decided to combine these two symbols of Riga in one article, since they are located nearby, in the same area and seeing one sight, catches the eye the second.

They are located at the historical centre of Riga, the so-called old town, on the main street of Riga Brivibas, which means Freedom, in the square of the Freedom Monument, near the Latvian national Opera, the Powder tower and Bastion hill.

Brivibas Street, Riga-Freedom Monument and Lime Clock

This article will discuss two of these objects and perhaps start with the most powerful, popular and majestic Monument of Freedom.

The Freedom monument in Riga

Freedom monument (Brivibas piemineklis) stands in the center of the homonymous square, decorating not only the area but also the surrounding area. This is one of the Central tourist attractions of Riga symbol of the independence of Latvia.

Already published, not yet came close to the monument you can see the three-pointed star adorning the monument.

Freedom Monument

The statue of Liberty is a majestic construction of stone and metal, is clad in granite and copper, symbolizes the statehood and national unity, independence, honor and freedom of Latvia. The monument was erected by the project of Karlis Hall, in the framework of the project "Shine like a star!" on national donations in memory about fallen in fights for freedom of the country from 1918 to 1920. The monument was opened on 18 November 1935 and immediately became the main symbol of the country and its main attractions. Earlier on the Freedom monument was a monument to Peter I.

The composition of the monument of Freedom for all its appearance conveys the idea of independence, as it tells about the greatness, honor and necolebitchie of the Latvian people.

This is a very high monument, perhaps the highest in Latvia. Its height is 42.7 meters. The whole composition is formed of 56 sculptures, United at 13 sculptural groups, located on four levels, reflecting the history and culture of Latvia. And the whole is crowned by an obelisk an image of Freedom - a nine-meter statue of a young woman, raised aloft three gilded stars, symbolizing the unity of the three historical and cultural regions of Latvia.

Freedom Monument in Riga

On the pedestal of the monument are carved the words "for Fatherland and Freedom".

Currently, every day, 24 hours a day at the Freedom monument stands guard, symbolizing the sovereignty of the state.

guard of honor near the Freedom Monument in Riga

Watch lime in Riga

Laima clock (Laimas pulkstenis) is located near the Freedom monument. They are installed in 1924. At first it was just a town clock, who played a purely practical role to the inhabitants of the city were not late for work, and only in the 30-ies of the last century the clock appeared, the logo of the famous confectionery factory "Lima".

Laima watches in Riga

Sweet products of the largest manufacturer of sweets in the country, the factory "Laima" can be found in any grocery store and gift shop of any Latvian city. Latvian residents are very proud of their chocolate factory, it has become one of the symbols of Riga, and its products, along with Riga sprats and balm every tourist wants to take home as gifts for family and friends.

By long tradition, watch lime (Laima) are the most popular meeting place. Near them are Dating and business meetings, walk the couple the residents and guests of the city.

A similar clock can be seen not only in Riga and in other Latvian cities. For example, like a town clock with the logo of Laima decorates the area near the train station in Sigulda.

Laima watches in Sigulda

Riga watch lime, considered the most accurate clock in Riga, because twice a day their progress is checked with the satellite. So if your watch is fast or slow, you can always install on their chimes the exact time by looking at clock lime.

In Riga there has arisen a tradition, twice a year, Christmas and Valentine's day to decorate Riga's Laima clock. And in 2010, near the clock even installed a sculpture of ice, containing the heart of chocolate.

Here are two completely different and equally beautiful, with a rich history and a unique semantic connotations of the sights you can see in the Latvian capital, Riga.

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