Cathedral of St. James in Riga

Cathedral of St. Jacob in Riga is the fourth largest Church in Riga situated in the heart of the old town (old Riga), in two steps from the historical and architectural complex "the Three brothers", at the following address: Rue Jacob (James), 9 (Jekaba iela 9).

St. James's Church stands in a narrow street of the centre of Riga and due to the fact that the walls are closely adjacent to other buildings of the old city, to make a complete and good picture an extremely difficult task.

St. James Cathedral in Riga

Riga Church of St. Jacob, the smallest of the churches in old Riga. But, despite this, it is famous for its aspiring to the heavens slim 80-meter tower with green upper part, topped by a spire with a tip in the form of a Golden Cockerel. Tower of the Cathedral of St. James has a pyramidal shape characteristic of the towers of Riga's medieval churches. This is the only genuine Gothic tower in the city, which has never changed its original appearance.

The 80-meter tower of the Cathedral of St. Iakov in Riga

In old Riga there are several, or rather three churches, whose towers create a distinctive, with no comparable and the majestic silhouette of Old Riga. One of these temples is the Cathedral of St. James, the second, this is the most beautiful and famous Church of Riga - St. Peter's Cathedraland the third - the Riga dome Cathedral. Three towers of three Cathedrals towering over the old town, you can see them from any point in old Riga, and together they form the most famous symbol of the Latvian capital. Historic centre of Riga is simply impossible to imagine without the spires of the three Cathedrals.

view of the old town and the cathedrals of Riga

For its size the Church of Jacob's smaller than the other two councils - the dome of St. Peter. And all because two other Cathedral was built for the Bishop and the townspeople and was located directly in the city, but the Cathedral. Jacob was originally built outside the medieval city to living in the suburbs.

Cathedral of St. James, the Latvian name Sveta Jekaba katedrale, German Jakobskirche, also called the Church of St. Jacob (Jakov). Why call it that? It is clear from the Latvian name of the Church.

The Cathedral is made of brick brown. In its architecture, the Cathedral was crossed in itself Gothic features and elements of the Romanesque style.

St.James Church in Riga

The St. Jacob's Cathedral is the main Catholic Church of Latvia. Estimated year of construction of Yakovlevsky Church is 1225 year. Since the construction and until the reformation the Church belonged to the Catholics. For several centuries, starting from the period of Swedish rule to the mid 20-ies of the last century, the Cathedral was a Cathedral of the Lutheran Church and served as the center of spiritual life of the Latvian population of Riga.

If the outside architecture of the Church is relatively homogeneous for the overall appearance of Riga, the inside can see the blend of different styles, different areas of medieval architecture.

the interior of the Cathedral of St. James in Riga

Jekaba Church in Riga

St. James Cathedral, Riga, Latvia

Unique was considered the altar of the Church, established in 1680 and rebuilt because of its dilapidated condition in 1902. This is the early Baroque altar in Latvia.

the altar of the Cathedral of St. Iakov in Riga

In addition to the architecture and altar unique and quite rare for churches is that some parts are the floral ornaments and flowers in the flower beds

flowers in the Church of James, Riga, Latvia

St. James's Church in Riga, though not large, but beautiful, especially its interior, producing the impression. Before visiting the Cathedral, we have rarely seen flowers in churches, and to present the whole flower bed, recreating the garden, like we've never seen.

Cathedral of St. Jacob in Riga, we with absolute confidence recommend a visit to all guests of the city.

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