Three Brothers in Riga

Many languages, "the Three brothers, the Three brothers in Riga!". And what do these Three famous Riga Brother, not all and know. This article is about the legendary three Brothers of Riga.

Three brothers in Riga (the Three Brothers), is an architectural complex consisting of three wonderful, adjacent and nearly identical houses in the historic centre of Riga.

Home "Three brothers" are a good sample of medieval Riga architecture, each of which was built in the century. Besides, it is not only the oldest building in those buildings to this day people live.

Three houses - Three brothers!

Three Brothers in Riga

There are three brother on the narrow picturesque street Maza Pils/Maza Pils iela (Small castle) in the old Riga, close to Cathedral of St. James, among sticky to each other and other historical monuments. Because of this location to take a good photograph, so much so that the frame includes three houses extremely difficult. People who want to take a photo of this famous symbol of old Riga, once Excel not only funny and what poses don't take: jump, climb each other's shoulders, Crouch, kneel and even lie down on the ground. And all this effort for the sake of a good frame. But it's worth it!

At first glance, the three brothers seem to be one building, but if you look closely, this is not so, each of the Brothers is a detached house. And the impression that each of the houses "Three Brothers" is the continuation of the following buildings is deceptive, and is because residential development of the district very dense, all the houses are right next to each other.

House numbers architectural complex of the Three Brothers 17, 19, 21 Maza Pils iela.

Three Brothers architectural complex, Riga, Latvia

According to legend, three houses closely nestled to each other, really built men artisans belonging to a single genus. That is why the complex of buildings called the Three brothers instead of three sisters. By the way, Tallinn is a similar architectural ensemble, and it's called nothing else like "the Three Sisters". Now the Three Sisters are located luxury hotel. But about the famous sisters we will talk another time when we lead the story about the Estonian capital city of Tallinn!

In people, three brothers, three close buildings are distinguished and referred to as in appearance, so there's "White brother", "Middle brother" and "brother Green".

The big brother complex is a White Brother. Included three buildings he is on the right, is the house at number 17. White Brother, the oldest building of the complex, it was built roughly around 1490 in Gothic style, with Renaissance elements in the facade.

In front of the main arched entrance of the White Brother, there is a small platform with a porch and stone steps. The house also has a stone plate with forged right property that once served as the building's address. On both sides of the entrance has stone benches, is the characteristic features of the late middle Ages.

White Brother, Riga, Latvia

The middle and the Green brothers built later White, and in front of them have no playgrounds.

The middle brother, house No. 19, respectively, located in the centre, between two other brothers. It is pastel yellow in color, with high, patterned and chunky. Its main entrance is decorated with stone canopy carved with patterns and the Windows are framed with white paint. This brother stands out among the other two and immediately catches the eye.

Date of construction of this house belongs to 1646. On the facade of the building has features of Dutch mannerism. Featuring Dutch architecture, middle brother, the whole complex of the three brothers is also called a piece of Holland lost in the Latvian capital.

Middle Brother, Riga, Latvia

The third Green Brother left the house at number 21. It is called green because of the color of the facade, although the color is closer to turquoise or celadon.

This building was built later than the other older brothers in the late XVII century. The building was reconstructed time and again, the house has lost its original appearance, but during the last restoration Green brother returned once lost Baroque gable, curved shape.

Green Brother, Riga, Latvia

Here is such an unusual piece of Holland can be found on the narrow winding streets of old Riga (Riga old town). And this is only a small fraction of interesting and incredible that can be found in the historical centre of the Latvian capital. All the architectural and historical charms of old Riga we share with you in the pages of this Blog. So, follow our trips and you won't miss anything interesting.

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