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How to get to Jurmala from Riga on your own

If you decide to visit one of the most famous and outstanding tourist sites of Europe - Jurmala, then you will certainly arise the question: "How to get to Jurmala?"!

This article will answer the most basic questions of those who want to visit Jurmala and to arrange their own transportation to the resort from Riga. And questions may arise following:

What to go to Jurmala?

Where to buy tickets?

How and where can I find the schedule?

How long does it take to drive from Riga to Jurmala by yourself? Here's to them we reply below.

What is the easiest way to get from Riga to Jurmala or, conversely, from Jurmala to Riga alone

First you need to notice that Jurmala is not the name of the station. Jurmala is a common name resorts (villages), located on the Baltic coast of Latvia with a clean and wide beaches, famous for its white quartz sand. So the station Jurmala in the schedule of transport you will not find.

Jurmala consists of the following districts of the modern city, Priedaine, Lielupe, Bulduri, Dzintari, Majori, Dubulti, Valteri, Jaundubulti, Pumpuri, Melluzi, asari, Vaivari, Sloka, Kauguri, jaunķemeri and ķemeri.

The main town and Central station, which is worth a go if you want to get into the center of Jurmala, stroll through one of the oldest streets of Jurmala - Jomas street and to see the legendary concert hall "Dzintari" is Majori. It is up to the station need to buy the tickets.

To get from Riga to Majori, or any other station of Jurmala, easier and faster than the train. Or rather, in our train, and in European long-distance trains. Trains depart from Riga Train station. The station is located at the address: Riga, LV-1050, Latvia, in the city centre of Riga, just a short walk from the historic centre, the so-called Old town. The entrance to the station square States, of Gogol and Dzirnavu. Railway station in Riga, a large, warm and comfortable, there are shops, cafes, restaurants, a Museum.

Where to buy a ticket on the train from Riga to Jurmala and how much are the tickets

Tickets for train you can buy in the ticket office building train station beforehand, and right before the train departure. Tickets are always available. If you are late on the train, you can jump in and buy a ticket from the controller in the car, but the price will be more expensive. Controllers go.

Also look at the cost of the tickets and the train schedule on the official website of internal Railways: The schedule can be found on the scoreboard in the building of the railway station. Trains run frequently, every hour for a few items. But the schedule and cost of tickets is better to check before you travel, they may change.

A one-way ticket from Riga to Jurmala is 1.43 euros per person. If you buy immediately in both directions, there and back, the cost will be cheaper, but quite a small amount - a couple of Euro cents. So, if you go to Jurmala and don't know how many will spend the time, then a return ticket is better not to buy in advance, and to buy at the station ticket office when you return.

By the way! The trains, all stations are announced in advance in the Latvian language, but it is quite clear, and they are displayed on electronic boards in the carriages of the train.

How to learn the schedule of trains to Jurmala and how long will it take to drive from Riga to Jurmala by yourself

As mentioned earlier, the schedule can be found in advance on the website or in the buildings of railway stations.

The distance from Riga to Jurmala (Majori), about 23 kilometers. In the path of 25-30 minutes.

On the way, and other ways to get to Jurmala

On the way to Jurmala, the views are not the most picturesque

how to get to Jurmala

In the train, suggest to take the seats if you go from Riga to Jurmala, during the movement of the train on the right side if back - on the left. So the window view will be more scenic.

the road from Riga to Jurmala

How else you can reach Jurmala

The train is the fastest, budget common way to get from Riga to Jurmala and back. But apart from trains, there are other ways on how to get to Jurmala, we will tell about them:

On the bus to Jurmala

From the bus station Riga (Riga, LV-1050, Latvia) every day several flights to Jurmala. The journey time is about an hour. The cost of a single ticket is 1,75 € . It should be noted that the length of Jurmala on the coast, is 32 km away, and the bus makes only three stops. So if you choose the bus, then decide in advance where will be most convenient to reach.

The bus schedule Riga-jūrmala can be found in the ticket office of the bus station.

The water on the boat to Jurmala

Every day, from the pier located next to the Stone Bridge (opposite the Town Hall Square, pier No. 2), river boats "ELIZABETE" depart to Jurmala to the Majori pier and back. Way in about 2.5 hours. The ticket price is 20 €. The schedule of ships and the prices of the tickets can be found on the website

Cycling to Jurmala

Not fast, not easy, but so exciting. Having a bike can also be rent in Riga, it is possible for an hour, if you are a professional racer to get to Jurmala.

The road bike will be very convenient. To Jurmala, Riga through areas of the bike trail. Many tourists and locals choose this mode of transport.

from Riga to Jurmala by bike

By car or taxi in Jurmala

The easiest and fastest way to get from Riga to Jurmala is to take a taxi. The trip will take about 20 minutes and cost approximately 37 €. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible on the websitein advance. At any time of the day, at the airport or at the hotel, you will have to wait for the driver.

By car via the highway a10. Your car rental. But is it worth it? If you are apart of Jurmala want to explore other regions of Latvia, you probably should. But if you wish just for a day or a couple of days to go to Jurmala, then renting a car makes no sense.

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