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Sea and beaches of Jurmala (Latvia)

Jurmala (Jūrmala) - the largest seaside resort in Latvia, which, of course, at least once in life everyone has heard of.

Located in Jurmala, on the Baltic sea, in the Gulf of Riga (Riga coast). The Baltic sea is of course harsh in the summer season it warms up to a maximum of + 20 - +22 degrees Celsius. That's why swimming in the Baltic sea is not very comfortable, except that you can dive and swim there and back. Swimwear, namely bathing, not beach season in Jurmala lasts for two months, from July to August, if you're lucky with the weather, sometimes even September months.

the coast of Jurmala

sea in Jurmala

gulls over the sea surface in Jurmala

However, despite the relatively cold sea, a lot of tourists, and locals, jūrmala attracts like a magnet. And all this thanks to healthy and fresh air of the pine forest, and when the smell of fresh pine resin is mixed with the sea breeze, the air is filled with fabulous aromas. Also Jurmala indulge in its famous health resorts and SPA centers, and, of course, the main gem - clean, wide beaches with white quartz sand.

beaches of Jurmala

Jurmala is not a city in the usual sense of the word and not a station is a coast consisting of housing estates, which by this time has turned into modern areas of the centre. That is why deciding to go on another day in Jurmala in the schedule of public transport will you find such a station as Jurmala, stations are named after towns, so there are posylochki as Priedaine, Lielupe, Bulduri, Dzintari, Majori, Dubulti, Valteri, Jaundubulti, Pumpuri, Melluzi, asari, Vaivari, Sloka, Kauguri, jaunķemeri, kemery.

All these areas of Jurmala stretch along the coast, forming a 32-kilometer-long beaches, washed by the waters of the Baltic sea.

beach in jurmala

Central district and the station of Jurmala is Majori. Here is one of the most famous and oldest streets of jūrmala-Jomas street and concert hall the legendary "Dzintari". On our walk in Maiori and its attractions will be discussed in a future article, read here.

On the white sandy beaches of Jurmala in summer is full of life, people sunbathing, swimming, doing sports and playing active beach games. Place for entertainment like this just great. And in the autumn and spring periods the beaches of Jurmala contribute to a positive pedestrian walks along the water's edge and skating on bicycles. Tourists and locals in the not-beach season is just strolling through the sand or play sports and breathe in the fresh sea air.

majori beach

Someone feeds the gulls, someone photographed someone playing active games, and others just sit on the benches and admire the sea.

wide and clean beaches of Jurmala

photo shoot on the beach in Jurmala

entertainment on the beaches of Jurmala

The way to sunbathe and sunbathe in the dunes of Jurmala start from the month of may. Personally for us, all the Baltic coast is good any time of the year. In autumn and winter it's nice just to walk on the coast along the sea, enjoying the tranquility, silence and fresh air. In the spring you can sunbathe in the summer were no traces of the clothing on the body, and in the summer enjoy the soft, warm and debilitating rays of the sun.

the sea coast of Latvia

In Majori, the Central district of Jurmala, sun-drenched beaches in the summer just crowded, and the restaurants and cafes on the streets filled with people. If you are looking for a more quiet spot for a secluded family vacation in order to enjoy the sound of waves, watch the sunset and breathe the fresh and clean pine and sea air, then you direct road to the beaches of Jaunkemeri.

Along the coast there are many cafes, restaurants, hotels, health centres, private houses and fun sculptures.

beaches of Latvia

the coast of Jurmala

The famous sculpture "Big Turtle" at the entrance to the beach in Maiori. A popular place for photo shoots with tourists and one of the most beloved monuments of the inhabitants of Jurmala

Big Turtle in Majori/Jurmala

Along the southern border of Jurmala sandy coast of river Lielupe, which attracts lovers of fishing, walks, rowing and sailing boats and other sports.

Several beaches of Jurmala annually, marked the international award "Blue flag". This flag indicates the sign of water quality, safety and improvement of beaches meeting the high criteria.

Latvia sea

latvian coast

On the beaches of Jurmala has all the necessary facilities landscaping, benches, dressing cabins, equipped children's playgrounds, places for volleyball and soccer, and summer lifeguards, and open the rental of water bikes.

walking along the coast of Latvia

vacation by the Baltic Sea, Jurmala, Latvia

playgrounds on the beaches of Jurmala

The beach is located just to the West of Amalfi is perfect for kitesurfing and Windsurfing. Beaches Kauguri and Vaivari are adapted for people with disabilities.

So, in so vast and so different Jurmala, everyone will find a spot for everyone and have a great time any time of the year.

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