Riga sprats in Latvia! Life hack by choice, prices, description, photos

Many from the Soviet era remember the taste of the famous Riga Sprats!

This product is still cooked in the traditional way, is a brand of Latvia! And it is true! Who does not know the Latvian sprats! Even if you do not try, you probably have heard. But to try, certainly worth it!

Riga sprats are to this day considered one of the most high quality and tasty. We tested it personally, it really is. Will Latvia, be sure to try the Latvian sprats, and then buy a couple of jars home. By the way, those who don't know what to bring family and friends from Latvia, Riga sprats will be a great gift-a souvenir. You can even bring the famous Riga balm, but it tastes, honestly, like bitter cough syrup. Details about the Riga balsam we will cover in a future article, read here.

Sprats in Riga, and in General in Latvia are sold on every corner, they littered the shelves of souvenir shops, small shops, supermarkets and market. Sprat what it is, jars in various sizes, colors and shapes, iron and glass, weighing from 100 grams to a pound.

Riga sprats

Sprat very much different not only in Riga but throughout Latvia, so that you can buy them in any Latvian town.

What is the difference between the Latvian sprats from ours?

Yes to all!

Our sprats is simply impossible, the bitter aftertaste of oil, solid fish... anyway they can, but in Riga ate half a tin at a time. They're gently Golden color, large, all one by one, laid rovnenko as many eyes happy, head and tail of each fish neatly cut. And the taste, the taste is just amazing! They are so soft that melt in the mouth, I did not feel the taste of butter, no bitterness or other off flavors and odors, moderately salty, moderately smoked. In General, all these sprats in moderation. As they say on the nose, most.

Photo cheap sprats, sorry not the king took a picture, ate it all)) They are even bigger and more Golden

Latvian sprats

By the way, sprat is a type of canned fish for which use small fish: sprat, Baltic sprat, herring, juvenile herring and other marine detail. Currently, for the production of sprat mainly use Baltic herring and Baltic sprat. When cooking small fish sprats without any pre-treatment smoked, then preserved in oil and packaged by the banks.

How to choose and where to buy the Latvian sprats?

To choose sprats in Riga very simply, at random. They're all delicious and almost identical. Although there is a slight difference in taste. We bought a different sprats, the most delicious, largest and most beautiful was "smoked Royal".

To buy sprats in Latvia in any souvenir shop in any city, in any store or market. However, to save time and money, just go to the large supermarket, such as RIMI, sprats they will sell exactly the same but at a lower price than in the souvenir shops of the city. The difference sometimes comes down to a few euros for the Bank.

Why in RIMI? Why not! The difference is in what supermarket to go - do not go to the one closest to you. We lived in the centre of old Riga, and there, directly in the center, is one of the supermarket Rimi.

In the Central market of Riga sprats too much. Prices are almost the same as in supermarkets. But now the Royal sprat in the market we did not find, so buy them in grocery stores.

The price of sprats in the shops of Riga

The price per jar of sprats varied, ranging from 1 Euro and reaching up to 10.

A small and the cheapest jar of sprats can buy euros with a small Royal stand somewhere 2,13 €, and polukilogrammovye gift Bank 6-10 EUR. All prices are from the supermarket. Also, supermarkets often have promotions, so you can find sprats and at a better price.

Conducted on the cheap price does not suggest, the cheapest sprats are not the most tasty and large, but also very good quality.

PS Will be in Latvia, you should definitely try the famous and delicious Latvian sprats!

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