Walk in Sigulda. Sights, parks and churches, cafes and restaurants, palaces and castles of Sigulda, as well as where to go with children and active rest in Sigulda

Sigulda is a small town located 51 km from the Latvian capital. Go to Sigulda, first of all, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and over the beautiful, untouched nature, fresh air and privacy. And no wonder, Sigulda draws to itself like a magnet, because the city is located in the largest Latvia in the natural national Park "Gauja", lying on the 918 kilometers along both banks of the river Gauja.

In addition to the gorgeous nature in Sigulda is a lot of monuments of architecture and history, medieval castles, churches, parks and other interesting places of interest.

sights of Sigulda

In this article, we slowly walk through Sigulda and see the main highlights in our view the sights of the city. As mentioned earlier, Sigulda is a small town, easily explored on foot within an hour. This city is beautiful, producing impressions and some calming quiet. In some places, especially sitting on the bench in the Park, walking sticks, Sigulda reminiscent of the small towns of Bavaria (Germany).

Our walk in Sigulda started from the forecourt (Stacijas laukums). And that's where we came from Riga by train, here come the buses. On how to get from Riga to Sigulda and back read here.

railway station square, Sigulda

Station square is small, it is a children's Playground and Laima Clock. Watch lime is a town clock, with the logo of the famous Latvian confectionery factory "Lima". A similar clock can be seen in other cities of Latvia, such as Riga, Watch Lima is located on the square near the monument of Freedom.

Laima Clock, Sigulda

children's playground on the station square, Sigulda

Then, walking through the dark, our route lay along the narrow streets between the small European houses.

streets of Sigulda

walking in Sigulda

houses in Sigulda

Walking in Sigulda, we were across the gardens and natural parks


Walking down the street Pils (Pils) came to sight, the square Key. Square of the three keys is a small plot of land, on which are placed three large iron key resting on the stone wall, the arch with a bench for rest and a decorative bridge near. The monument to the three key symbolizes the three historic centre, the surroundings of the Gauja national Park and their unity - Sigulda, Turaida and Krimulda. The square was opened in 2007 in honor of the 800th anniversary of Sigulda.

Key Square, Sigulda

Walking further I came across another landmark of the city - Park Canes. Sigulda Park reeds opened in 2007 as a tribute to the most popular souvenir of Sigulda walking sticks. The mention of this subject can be found in the archived editions of the city of the 19th century, which States that for walks in the country mountain area and need a walking stick, which could previously be purchased from any street urchin. Currently, the practical application of the cane, of course, lost, but it remained a popular local souvenir. Buy a souvenir in a shop, sell them of different sizes, from small to large.

walking stick park in Sigulda

walking stick park in Sigulda

Reed Park, a small green area with benches and sculptures.

walking stick park in Sigulda

Street in Sigulda narrow, and the houses are mostly private and terraced with lawns and low fences on the perimeter. Attraction, of course, will not name, but still beautiful.

holidays in Sigulda

Going on the opposite side of the street Raina (Raiņa iela) go out to a small lake.

lake, sigulda, Latvia

Near the lake is the Sigulda Evangelical Lutheran Church (Siguldas Evangeliski Luteriska baznica). Address location Sigulda Lutheran Church: Baznicas iela 2.

On the site of the present Church in the old days was another Church, called the Church of St. Bertulis (Berthold). The first evidence of the Church dates back to 1483, the ninth year. From the beginning of 30-ies of the last century by the architect P. Peksena built a new Church tower, and six years later was completed the restoration of the altar. Say on the Church tower you can climb, from there you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Sigulda Evangelical Lutheran Church

Inside the Church is a small from the main entrance to the altar leads a passage strewn carpet, and on both sides of it there are benches.

Sigulda Lutheran Church

Above the main entrance with the organ. The current body is the workshop of a mosaic of parts of various organs. The fact that in the postwar period from the original on went missing a few parts after they were replaced with equivalent parts from the bodies of other churches. So, over time, the organ was fully restored.

organ in the Sigulda Lutheran Church

Walking on we pass an interesting building. What is this structure and what it is we do not know.

architecture of houses in Sigulda

We leave to another well-known attractions of Sigulda - the White house. The white house was built in 90-ies of the 19th century for Nicholas Kropotkin and his family, the owner of Sigulda manor. During the agrarian reform in 1920 the house was sold. It became the new owner of the Ernestine Poruks, widow of the famous Latvian poet Janis romance and Responsibility. She was kept in the house Board, which gave another name for White castle.

Next, the White house has not been renamed and under his roof that only was not. There was a gymnasium, Latvian and Russian secondary schools during the second world war the German army used it as a refuge, the house also has long been neglected, until it was transferred to the economic management of the Administration of the Gauja National Park. Currently in the White house works initiative center of education in the field of nature and cultural environment "Balta pils".

White House, Sigulda

Near the White house are here are the bunker-shelter, built in 40-ies of the 20th century to cover local residents from air raids. The bunker is abandoned and nothing in them, of course, is unremarkable, except that they now serve as places of wintering of bats.

bunkers-shelters - wintering places for bats, Sigulda

Near the refuges are located is such a wonderful composition. Some soldiers from scrap, granite stones and wood. By the way, this sculpture is also included in the list of attractions of Sigulda and it is called the Sculptural group "Knight parade" (Skulpturu grupa "Bruņinieku parade").

sculpture group Knight's Parade, Sigulda

Residents of Sigulda are very proud of this sculpture, well, first, I think the sculpture is a unique object, and secondly, I think that it not just fits in with the overall appearance of the city, but complements it. Why do they think so? Now you will understand it!

If sculptures from the Knight parade to look forward and walk a few steps, we will come to the stone gate, stylized in the middle Ages, and upon entering the gate, we meet a stunning beauty the New Sigulda castle, built in the 19th century by the princes Kropotkinite. And the castle we will have another amazing surprise - the ruins of the old Medieval castle of the Livonian castle, erected in 1200 years.

Medieval Sigulda castle was once a magnificent stone building, then around him and founded the city, and the castle began the history of Sigulda. Currently, from the Medieval castle there were only two observation towers and a part of defensive walls. These two castles are the most important attractions of Sigulda, together forming a complex of Sigulda Palace. These two castles on our blog in a separate article, with detailed descriptions and beautiful photographs, read and see the pictures here.

The photo on the left the New Sigulda castle, on the right - Sigulda Medieval castle of the Livonian order

Sigulda Palace Complex

Our walk in Sigulda came to an end. Next, we went to the cable car, and went Hiking in the national Park "Gauja", visit Gutman's cave and Turaida Museum reserve, Turaida castle. But that's another story, which we describe in the next article. So, stroll in Sigulda, don't stop and continue your walk, you can join us on the Hiking trails at the Sigulda Park-reserve, cable car, cave, and castles read here.

Things to do in Sigulda with the kids?

Sigulda is not only architecture and nature, that is, a greater degree of adult entertainment, the city has also prepared a lot of entertainment for children of all ages. First of all, this is a great and famous Adventure Park "Tarzan". Tarzan, the largest amusement Park of the Baltic sea, here come the families from across the County.

The Park is located directly in the city, under the open sky. The attractive Park is the fact that it everyone regardless of age will find their entertainment. We also wanted to visit this Park, but time is not enough, it is big and to visit it is necessary to allocate, perhaps, the whole day.

In the adventure Park Tarzan is an obstacle course for children and adults from more than 100 different trees located obstacles, rotary lift, the trolls, the track, working on the principle of a roller coaster, a catapult, a rotor, a giant swing in the trees, climbing wall, large trampoline, pedal cars, riding cameras, attractions - archery, as well as a separate picnic spot.

Is the adventure Park "Tarzan" at Sigulda, Peldu street, 1.

In Sigulda there is another Park, this adventure Park "wild cat". To get to this Park will need to walk a bit. The Park is also suitable for family holidays. In the amusement Park wildcat it offers obstacles, ropes, nets, bridges of various designs, swings, beams, ropes and ladders, as well as flights on the rope, a volleyball court, a guest house, built in Alpine style, a sauna complex, squash and seminar rooms.

In winter Park's ski trail. Is the adventure Park "Lena cat" in Sigulda, street SENCO, 1.

Active holidays in Sigulda

Sigulda is well developed and active. Of course, the above parks suitable for active holidays, yet this in Sigulda there are separate towns: Sigulda sports and active recreation and a bobsled-Luge track.

Sigulda sports and active recreation, offers a track length of 1.25 kilometers for skating, Nordic walking and Jogging. Rollers and roller skis can be rented here. In the center open remote ski trail. Incidentally this is the only frozen track such kind in Eastern Europe. In the centre of sport and active recreation there is a giant swing with a 7-meter free fall.

The centre of sports and leisure activities in Sigulda, street Pukou, 4.

Sigulda's bobsleigh track is one of the rare such buildings in the world. Its length is 1420 metres, 16 curves and 200 m long braking distance. Located bobsleigh-bobsleigh run at Sigulda, street and bobsleigh track, 13.

As you can see, Sigulda has prepared a lot of various places for recreation and entertainment for every taste and color for all ages. So, come to Sigulda, you will not regret it. From personal experience I can say that we visited in Sigulda, sorry only one that came to town only one day and so many just do not have time to see and do. Next time will definitely come for a few days and catch up.

Shops, cafes and restaurants in Sigulda

Almost all shops, cafes, restaurants and bars in Sigulda located near road, railway station, near the railway station square. Further, walking around the city, and the routes the Park of the Gauja cafes and shops as such did not, therefore, if you want to take with a meal, worry about it in advance. We food vital thought, long walks exhausted to the end, so then we even water could not buy, had half a day to go hungry.

cafes and restaurants in Sigulda

Large grocery store Elvi is located near the railway station at the following address: Vidus iela 1, Sigulda. Food prices in Sigulda are the same as in the shops of Riga and in Latvia is about the same. About prices for products in Riga read here.

Elvi store, Sigulda, Latvia

Where to stay in Sigulda?

Hotel services and facilities provided in Sigulda hotels as unrated, are these 20 € for a double room per night, and three, four and five-star with prices from 57 € for double room per day.

To reserve a room, especially in high season, although the team at any time of year, the height of the season, better. We always book our stay anywhere in the world via this website, and I advise you, this site is reliable and trusted, moreover, easy to use and works on different languages.

The only way to book a hotel beforehand, you can always be sure that arriving in a new city, or country, will not remain overnight on the street.

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