Riga-Sigulda, how to get yourself

how to get from Riga to SiguldaSigulda is a small, one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities of Latvia, is situated on both banks of the ancient course of the river Gauja. And certainly every trip to Riga is not without arrival at least one day in Sigulda.

How to get to Sigulda from Riga will cover in this article.

Sigulda is located 51 km from Riga. To get from Riga to Sigulda in several ways:

- by car or taxi;

- by bus;

- by train.

How to get from Riga to Sigulda by car or taxi

The fastest way to get from Riga to Sigulda is a car. From Riga you need to follow the A2 road, a convenient straight road will take you straight to Sigulda. The journey time is approximately 45-50 minutes.

You can take a taxi, but this is the most expensive route. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible on the websitein advance. At any time of the day, at the airport or at the hotel, you will have to wait for the driver.

How to get from Riga to Sigulda by bus

By public bus can be reached in around 1 hour 10 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes.

Buses from Riga to Sigulda leave from the Central bus station, located to the address: Riga, LV-1050, Latvia, in the center of town, walking distance from the historical centre, the so-called old town.

A bus to Sigulda and back from Sigulda depart every hour starting from 06:30 hours to 23:00 hours. The cost of one way ticket is 2,85 - 3,50 € depending on the departure time of the bus. The bus schedule and cost of tickets specify on the website: www.autoosta.lv.

You can buy tickets at the ticket office of the bus station any time before departure of the bus, sell tickets in advance and directly before departure.

How to get from Riga to Sigulda by train

Cheapest option to get from Riga to Sigulda is a train, our train, on the following routes: "Riga-Sigulda" "Riga-Valga" or "Riga-Cesis" . Way in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, bus stop - station "Sigulda".

trains Riga-Sigulda

Trains depart from Riga train station (Riga-Pasazieru). The railway station is located next to Riga bus station, in the heart of the city.

Daily from Riga to Sigulda and back goes to 13 trains from 06:16 to 21:46 hours. A one-way ticket costs 1,89 €. If you buy just the tickets there and back will come a little cheaper, but the difference will be quite minor, like a couple of Cents. So if you are not sure on what and how much will come back, the return ticket in advance is better not to buy.

Tickets for train you can buy in the ticket office building train station beforehand, and right before the train departure. Tickets are always available. If you are late on the train, you can jump in and buy a ticket from the controller in the car, but the price will be more expensive. Controllers go.

The train timetable and cost of tickets specify on the website: www.pv.lv.

Bus and train will take you to the station in the city centre of Sigulda. The railway station is located in the same building, so transport, bus or train, there is virtually no difference.

P. S. We recommend you to go to Sigulda for a day at least. Believe me, there is something to see. The town itself boasts several important attractions, including the White castle (Palace) and Sigulda castle of the Livonian order.

Because Sigulda geographically located in the National Park "Gauja", the biggest and oldest in Latvia, the natural sites of stunning beauty there are many. In the Park are Hiking trails, walking along which you can admire not only the beautiful pristine nature, breathe fresh forest air, but also to visit Gutman's cave, ride on a cable car across the Gauja river, to see historic sites such as old estates and castles, and, of course, walk along the most famous in all of Latvia, Turaida Museum-reserve with its famous Turaida castle with a high tower which offers a beautiful panorama of the Park "Gauja". And that's not all that can be seen and visited if you are in a quiet and charming Latvian town of Sigulda.

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