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Jurmala - the city of sandy beaches


Basically, all the tourists go to Jurmala from Riga. If you get tired of the bustling Riga and examined its sights, it's time to go for a day or two to the Baltic sea in such a measured and quiet Jurmala.

Here we are, visiting the capital of Latvia, Riga, came to the center of Jurmala, in Majori. In Maiori are all the main attractions of Jurmala and places for walking, is a walking street Jomas, slowly walking around where you will come to the famous concert hall "Dzintari" and the green Park, and then to the Baltic sea and a wide strip of beaches with velvety and soft sand.


In the heart of Jurmala, near the main street Jomas, the beach and the famous concert hall "Dzintari" is a great place for walks and family holidays, it is always green, the eponymous Forest Park "Dzintari".

The Park is quite large, situated in a beautiful forested area. Among tall pine trees, walking paths, separate lanes for roller skating and skate Park.


Jurmala - the biggest seaside resort in Latvia, which, of course, at least once in life everyone has heard of.

Located in Jurmala, on the Baltic sea, in the Gulf of Riga (Riga coast). The Baltic sea is of course harsh in the summer season it warms up to a maximum of + 20 - +22 degrees Celsius.

However, despite the relatively cold sea, a lot of tourists, and locals, jūrmala attracts like a magnet. And all this thanks to healthy and fresh air of the pine forest, and when the smell of fresh pine resin is mixed with the sea breeze, the air is filled with fabulous aromas. Also Jurmala indulge in its famous health resorts and SPA centers, and, of course, the main gem - clean, wide beaches with white quartz sand.


If you decide to visit one of the most famous and outstanding tourist sites of Europe - Jurmala, then you will certainly arise the question: "How to get to Jurmala?"!

This article will answer the most basic questions of those who want to visit Jurmala and to arrange their own transportation to the resort from Riga. But questions can arise: what is it to go to Jurmala? Where to buy tickets? How and where can I find the schedule? How long does it take to drive from Riga to Jurmala by yourself? Here's to them we answer in this article.

First you need to notice that Jurmala is not the name of the station. Jurmala is a common name resorts (villages), located on the Baltic coast of Latvia with a clean and wide beaches, famous for its white quartz sand. Station in Jurmala...

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