Sigulda routes. What you can do in one day in Sigulda

Sigulda is a small town and a lovely place to stay, located in the picturesque Gauja National Park. Here you will find a peaceful vacation surrounded by pristine nature, nature reserves, castles and palaces of the middle ages, as well as space for active recreation and entertainment.

This article will tell you about Hiking routes in Sigulda and its surroundings, as well as what to do and what you can manage to see in Sigulda in one day with kids and without them.

Hiking routes in Sigulda town and surroundings

In addition to exploring the town, Sigulda has prepared several Hiking routes in the nearby surroundings of the city.

In the photo, a route map of Sigulda with all the sights:

map of routes in Sigulda

Such a map can be borrowed for free at the tourist information centre of Sigulda, located in the building of the railway station, at the following address: ausekļa 6, Sigulda (Ausekļa iela 6, Sigulda), the entrance to the city from the forecourt.

In red on the map above marked route through the town of Sigulda, with all its attractions: the square of keys, reeds Park, Sigulda Evangelic Lutheran Church, white castle, Sigulda castle of the Livonian order and St. the Route is picturesque and interesting, the city hides a lot of secret locations.

sights of Sigulda

Especially lovely complex of Sigulda castle, including New and Medieval castles, as well as the creative quarter Signalscope castle.

Sigulda Castle complex

On this route, or rather not even on the route, and the city of Sigulda, we recommend you to walk to all, regardless of how you came to town. On a walk through Sigulda and its main attractions we told you earlier, read and see the pictures here.

Walking through the centre of Sigulda, have the opportunity to go on two different routes - green or maroon-purple.

The green route on the map a small extent. By following it you'll get into Gauja national Park, where there is the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife. This route includes a visit to the Paradise mountains, caves and gorges Krauklu (ravens), settlement Satesele and caves of Petra.

Burgundy-purple route longer green, its length is 5 miles one way. Besides, this is the most scenic and most visited route of Sigulda. It is for him we walked, having received unforgettable impressions, recommend!

With this route you can ride on the cable car, enjoy the clean fresh air and nature Park Gauja, visit Krimulda manor and Krimulda medieval ruins of castle, Gutmana cave, which is connected with a romantic legend about the rose of Turaida, to go to the most visited Museum in Latvia - Turaida Museum reserve which is famous Turaida stone castle. About the walk for the route and all its sights can be read here.

Gauja National Park Walking Tour

Finally, the route marked on the map in blue color (first photo in this article), the one on the left. To walk it is necessary to go back to the station square of Sigulda. Following this route you will see the Royal throne, Pekinski the cliff, a small cave, the devil and rock devil's cave. On the way to the route you will be taken to the bobsleigh-Luge track and adventure Park wild cat.

What can you catch in one day in Sigulda

One day in Sigulda you can manage to walk around town and go to one of the proposed routes. We would recommend the longest route, with Gutman's cave and Turaida Museum reserve. Although you can choose any other of the proposed routes on your own taste.

To manage to pass one of the routes, you need to come to Sigulda early in the morning and expect to spend in the city the whole day. About how best to get from Riga to Sigulda and back read here.

Visiting Sigulda, we were convinced on own experience that one day for such a charming town, with a lot of beautiful historical and natural places, very little. In one day we have so much yet to see. Conclusion: for Sigulda need at least three days. But if you only have one day in Sigulda, it is also not a problem, choose your route and follow it, one day it will be enough.

One day with children in Sigulda

With children in Sigulda you can walk around the city and visit one of two parks adventure.

The first adventure Park "Tarzan" is located near the cable car. But the photo with the map it is number 11. In the adventure Park Tarzan is an obstacle course for children and adults from more than 100 different trees located obstacles, rotary lift, the trolls, the track, working on the principle of a roller coaster, a catapult, a rotor, a giant swing in the trees, climbing wall, large trampoline, pedal cars, riding cameras, attractions - archery, as well as a separate picnic spot. Is the adventure Park "Tarzan" at Sigulda, Peldu street, 1.

Photo taken from cable car

Tarzan Adventure Park, Sigulda, Latvia

Second, the adventure Park "wild cat". To get to this Park you need to follow the blue route, Park on the map at number 25. In this Park it offers rooms with obstacles, ropes, nets, bridges of various designs, swings, beams, ropes and ladders, as well as flights on the rope, a volleyball court, a guest house, built in Alpine style, a sauna complex, squash and seminar rooms. In winter Park's ski trail. Is the adventure Park "Lena cat" in Sigulda, street SENCO, 1.

If you come to Sigulda with children for just one day, we would recommend not spending all your time at amusement parks, all of them in any city abound, but the nature and medieval castles you will find not everywhere. After walking around the city, you can surprise the kids in Adventure Park, a ride on a couple rides, and then go on the Hiking route.

For sporty families, there is the opportunity to visit the bobsled-Luge track, in the map room 14 or Sigulda sports and active rest, map No. 31.

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