Sherlock Holmes in Riga - Jauniela street

In the heart of the historic district, the old town of Riga, there is one great street, famous for the fact that in Soviet times it was is the Jauniela street (Jauniela). It's a small street, long only 225 meters, but the most picturesque and cinematic street of old Riga, it leads from the square of the Riga Technical University to the dome square.

Jauniela street

Kind of a narrow picturesque street, with neat gingerbread houses on both sides, which housed several restaurants and cafes. And the famous street Jauniela what is the most cinematic streets of Riga.

It is on this street, when the Soviet Union abroad was not available, the Directors made the movies, if the frame is needed to show Europe. So in the famous TV series "the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" street acted as a London street Baker street, and in the television series "Seventeen moments of spring" in the role of Flower street with its famous Flower shop.

Jauniela Street in Riga

So we on this street had a chance to catch Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, what they were shooting or rehearsing, we don't know but it was fun.

Sherlock Holmes in Riga

The Jauniela street is known since 1599. At the turn of 19-20 centuries, the street was known as the Great New street, and its present name has received only after the 1930-ies were demolished buildings on the North side of the Duomo.

Will be in Riga, take a stroll along this iconic street, we assure you that no impressions and positive emotions will remain. Everything in this street's fabulous, it's like you're transported into the fictional world, and contribute to this short, colorful houses (red, white, blue, green, yellow), the charming Windows of the Windows of shops and small cafes and cobbled pavement and intact architecture of the old buildings. Here every house and every door in the air the mystery of Stirlitz and Sherlock Holmes.

Jauniela Street, Riga, Latvia

the most cinematic street in Riga - Jauniela

the most beautiful street of the Old City of Riga

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