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Cozy courtyards of old Riga - Konventa and Jan Seth

Konventa seta and Jan set small courtyards located in the heart of old city Riga, St. Peter's Cathedral, between the streets skārņu and Kaleju. Both courtyards are the architectural monuments and the main attractions of the old town of Riga.

These two charming patio are next to each other so that from one courtyard to go to another. Separates the low wall with the arched gates.

courtyards of old Riga-Konventa and Jan set

These gates are installed for a reason. The fact that the courtyard of the convent has a total of four entry and exit, respectively, each of which has a gate that sometimes is closed for the night.

The courtyard of the convent of seta in Riga

The convent court set (Konventa seta) in size several times greater than the yard of Jan set. It is an architectural monument of XIV-XVIII centuries.

The main entrance to the convent yard is located directly opposite the monument to the Bremen musicians that St. Peter's Cathedral.

Konventa set

Going into this gate, you find yourself in a small square surrounded by low buildings. Here is the Riga Museum of porcelain.

Konventa set

Konventa set in Riga

Inside the courtyard of the convent is quite well maintained, quiet and comfortable, has two narrow streets, along which are placed a low building. Among these buildings, the eponymous hotel Konventa Seta hotel, a souvenir shop and a cafe bar Riga black magic (Riga Black Magic) with unique design and atmosphere of magic.

Konventa set, Riga, Latvia

Konventa set, Riga, Latvia

Konventa set, Riga, Latvia

Konventa set, Riga

Riga Black Magic bar is small, it serves coffee, tea, various sweets, pastry, cakes, Riga balsams of all sorts and kinds, and they also make many different drinks on the basis of the famous Rigas Black Balsam (Riga black balsam). In the bar you can taste every balm if you like to buy a couple of bottles. Prices on balms in the bottle more than on the same balms in the shops of Riga. If you will be assure that it is the only natural balms in the city and in the shops are fakes, don't believe this is just a ploy, balms that in this bar in supermarkets or market is absolutely identical, are imported from one plant.

Bar Riga Black Magic in Riga

The convent court Seth has a rich history. During its existence, that on its site that only was not. Initially in the yard of the convent of ownership were the order of the sword, after the hospital of the Holy spirit, and since 1488, the area belonged to monks tertiaries, i.e. the monks of Third order. The third order was intended for people willing to take vows and live in accordance with the spirituality of the order, but not to leave the world.

Yard of Jan Seth in Riga

Yard of Jan Seth, also called Ana seta (seta Jaņa) with the Latvian language is literally translated as John's farmstead, since adjacent to the Riga Lutheran Church of St. John, on whose behalf the yard got its name.

Jan Seth

Yard Jan is one of the main attractions of the Old town in Riga and cultural and recreational facilities. This former farmstead of the Dominican monastery.

For its size farmstead Ian small, much smaller than the convent court. It has two entrances, not counting the pass connecting it with the courtyard of the convent.

one of the entrances to the yard of Jan set, Riga, Latvia

In the courtyard there are several buildings, one of which is a cafe.

Jan Seta in Riga

Jan Seta in Riga

In the courtyard of the Jan set once lived the founder of Riga, Bishop albert, the yard and its structure was his residence. At the entrance, from the street Kaleju, you can see the old emblem of Riga, and in the courtyard preserved fragment of medieval fortification.

fortress wall in the yard of Jan set, Riga, Latvia

Currently Janov Dvor serves the entrance area connecting the street skārņu (Meat) and Kaleju (blacksmith). So you can go on this at first glance inconspicuous courtyard and did not notice anything special. Yes, in principle, it is, the yard is famous only for its history, and those who do not know it are unlikely to stay in this place. And if it is delayed, it is only in the summer season, and then because at this time of year there is an annual traditional beer garden in the courtyard.

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