Bastion Hill and Latvian National Opera in Riga

Bastion hill in Riga is a artificial structure in the heart of the city, near the old town or the old town, and one of the main entrances to the Old city, which in the middle ages was a crossroads of Great trade sandy path that led to Pskov, Polotsk and Novgorod.

Bastion Hill in Riga

The name Bastion hill sounds like Bastejkalns/Bastejkalns. Currently this place is a green square (in the summer), very romantic and one of the most beautiful places in the centre of Riga.

Especially this Park is beautiful in the summer season, manicured walkways, shady alleys, cascades, small waterfalls, cozy places for rest, sculptures and bridges, all of this Bastion hill. In General, one of many small parks or gardens, there are many in every other country in the world. See for yourself:

Bastion Hill, Riga

At the top of Bastejkalns is a work of art, created in 2014, the programme patrons Boris and Inara Teterev "Art in public space". A work of art is a series of benches of different heights.

Art in a public environment, Bastion Hill, Riga

Art in a public environment, Bastion Hill, Riga

With the Bastion hill and offers wonderful views of the Bastion hill Park/Bastejkalna parks and part of Riga's old town with its sights such as the Powder tower and Yakovlevsky barracks or, also called the Jacob's barracks.

Powder Tower and Yakovlev barracks, view from the Bastion Hill, Riga

View of the Bastion hill Park

Bastion Hill Park, Riga

Bastion Hill Park in Riga

On the Bastejkalns Park Bastejkalns ends. At the foot of the hill stretches a beautiful Park.

Basteikalns Park in Riga

Basteikalns Park, Riga

Bastion Hill Park

In the centre Bastion of the square runs the Riga city canal, which once served as a moat along the city. Currently, the city channel ennobled, on both sides adorn the greenery, lie the narrow walkways, and in the channel swim ducks. In summer, the canal cruising pleasure boats.

riga city canal, Bastion hill

riga city canal

city canal in Riga

city canal, Riga

The square near the Bastion hill is divided into two parts. One of which is the Bastion hill and the other in the Park on the shore of the city channel, is one of the most visited places in Riga, back to the Latvian national Opera and ballet/Latvijas Nacionala opera un balets.

back of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, Riga

Near the main entrance to the Riga Opera and ballet theatre there is a fountain in the form of a woman holding aloft a large shell, and at her feet the children play, sitting on marine animals.

Latvian National Opera, Riga

This part of the Park, the Opera square, also well-kept and sanitized. It is equipped with walking paths that meander through the perimeter of the square, installed benches for rest, various sculpture groups and an integral part of city canal with many water birds.

Opera Square in Riga

Bastion Hill

Bastejkalna parks

in the Bastion Hill Square, Riga

in the Bastion Hill Square

Bastion Hill Park, Riga

What is more interesting in the Park of Bastion hill? This is what two part of the Park divide among themselves the Liberty Square, the main attractions which are famous Riga Freedom Monument and Laima clock. Detail of the monument of Freedom and hours lime we described in a previous article, read and see pictures here.

Freedom Monument and Laima Clock, Riga

The whole Park complex, including the Bastion hill and Latvian national Opera, a good place for walks and rest. Most importantly, it is located within walking distance from the Old town of Riga, moreover, this Park is quite a nice time and relax from the bustle and populousness of the historical centre of Riga. But still, in the centre of the old town better.

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