Livs Square in Riga: Cat's House, Big and Small Guilds, Riga Russian Theater

The Livu Square! What can be said about it? The square is located in the historical centre of Riga, the old town and compared to other areas and architectural buildings of the old town, is a relatively new area. It was formed only in 1950, the year of the 20th century, the site of the demolition of the city building which was destroyed during the Second world war.

Livov Square in Riga

Its present name square Livu/Livu laukums was only in 2000-m to year. Up to this point the area was officially known as the square at the Philharmonic. It was called so because standing on the building of the Great Guild back in 1941 occupied concert hall of Latvian Philharmonic.

Livov Square

On the square is preserved a complex of residential buildings of the 17th century. This is our most favorite architectural ensemble in the whole of Riga. The cabins are charming to such an extent that it is not tired to admire them.

our favorite houses on Livov Square

On the Livu square broken tracks, places to stay, but the most attractive is perhaps a lawn is made in a decorative style waves. This style of lawn is not chosen by chance, by design, it simulates a undulating surface of once flowing rivers here.

wave-style lawn on Livov Square

In the summer on the square Liv cafes under the open sky, in the evenings, live music, and around restaurants and clubs. On the square is always lively.

Speaking of the Guild, it will tell you about all the interesting places the Livu square. So, within the square there are three main sights that are also important and are extensively famous places in Riga. It's buildings Large and Small Guild, the famous cat house, which is connected with an interesting legend and the Riga Russian theatre.

Let us examine each of these areas in more detail.

The big and the Small Guild in Riga

Large and Small guilds make up the complex of two adjacent buildings pass by and not notice them is simply impossible. Inside each building of the guilds are richly decorated interior.

In the photo the Great Guild hall on the right and Small left.

Large and Small guilds in Riga

The most attractive and conspicuous structure of the two Guild is a Small Guild. It is located at the address: street of Amata (Craft), 5.

Original Large and Small guilds were one of the city Guild of the Holy cross and Trinity. This Guild was the first Guild Riga, founded in 1126, and included all citizens of German nationality. However, in the mid-14th century due to frequent strife Guild split into two independent organizations - the St. Mary's Guild (Large Guild), it unites all the merchants, and the Guild of St. John the Baptist (the Small Guild), whose members were artisans.

So the first building of the Guild came into the possession of members of the Small Guild and Large Guild was built a new large building, located on the opposite side of the street from a Small Guild.

It is known that the first building of the future of the Small Guild was adjacent its rear side to the city wall. The exact date of construction of the Small Guild is unknown to this day, but most likely its construction was started not later than 1210. During its existence, the building of the Small Guild repeatedly reconstructed and rebuilt. The present building dates from the mid-nineteenth century, about the years of 1864-1866.

Small Guild, Riga

Great Guild, as told earlier, was a merchant organization, formed in 1354. The original building of the Great Guild till our days almost did not survive. Currently you can see only one fragment of a stone wall with the original structure, located in the basement of the modern building. The current building was built in 1854-1857 years.

The modern building of the Great Guild in Riga is located at the address: Amat street, 6.

Big Guild, Riga

Cat house in Riga

Or as it's also known, the House of black cats or a Home with cats. Who somehow.

So, Koshkin Dom/Kaķu nams, this building, located on the Livu square and at the present time, which is the most iconic structure in all of Riga's Old town. Yes there is old town, perhaps, in the whole of Riga. To see such a famous structure and I advise everyone without fail.

The cat house was built in 1909 by architect Friedrich Setelem in the style of late modern management.

The building itself is nothing remarkable and no. Beautiful, five-story structure of yellow rounded with the Central part, has an attractive cornices, arched Windows and carved balconies.

Cat house, Riga

So would this house have gone unnoticed if not for one thing... see at the top of the building is a weather vane in the form of a black cat.

house with black cats in Riga

Yes, that's why this building is called the house of black cats, although the cat is there now only one and he's not real. This black cat is one interesting story.

So a rich landlord Blumer (plume), wanted to become a member of the Riga Great Guild, but all the time he was denied membership. After several failures he was very angry, and decided to make an act of retaliation. Ordered sculptures of black cats with arched backs and raised tails so that you can see ass. Put them at the pointed turrets of his apartment building, located right opposite the building of the Great Guild, so much so that these cats were turned tails to the side Windows of the office elders of the Great Guild. Elder this trick really annoyed and against Blumer was started by the judicial process. However, the legal measures failed to achieve from Blumer that the cats unfurled their muzzles to the Guild. The court rendered the following decision: cats are creatures walk by themselves, they are free animals and how they want, and sit. With Blumer had to sign a peace agreement, it eventually took the Guild and the cats were deployed in a correct angle to the Great Guild.

You anything this legend does not like? It is similar to the history of the building standing near the House of blackheads. About house of the blackheads and the legend of a nearby building read here.

Currently, the first floor of the house with black cats is a restaurant called "the restaurant at the house of black cats" (melna kaka majas restorans). Restaurant address: 10/12 Meistaru street, Old Riga, Latvia.

Riga Russian theatre

The Riga Russian theatre named Michael Chekhov is the third and final famous structure of Livu square. The theater is located in the center of the square Liv to the address: street of Kalku, 16.

The theater was opened in 1883. He is currently the oldest Russian drama theatre outside of Russia.

Riga Russian Theater

The repertoire of the Riga Russian Theater (RRT) includes Russian and world classics, as well as plays by young contemporary authors. Performances of all genres are performed on the Big and Small stages, including children's and musical performances. The theater often goes on tour and takes part in various festivals.

Here is such an interesting and varied so the appearance is modern Livu square, located in the heart of Riga's Old town.

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