What you must see in Riga! Art Nouveau jewel - Art Nouveau streets: Alberta and Elizabetes

Riga, one of the most prominent world centers of art Nouveau architecture (art Nouveau - new art). Art Nouveau (Jugendstil), a young architecture art Nouveau founded in Germany. Art Nouveau was most prevalent in the last decade of the XIX the beginning of XX century, its distinguishing feature is the rejection of straight lines and angles in favor of more natural, "natural" lines.

In the capital of Latvia, there are about 800 buildings built in the German art Nouveau - Jugendstil, and this is neither more nor less, almost a third of the Central part of the city . Therefore, almost anywhere in the centre of Riga you can find buildings made in art Nouveau style.

the pearl of art Nouveau

However, the biggest and the brightest of its embodiment of the art Nouveau found on Elizabetes and Alberta, as well as in the building of the Latvian national Museum of art. On these streets the buildings designed by the famous architect of Riga, Mikhail Eisenstein. Michael Eisenstein is also known as the father of the famous filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.

One of the most famous streets of the city of Riga, Alberta street is also called the street in art Nouveau style. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists, and in order to see the world famous art Nouveau. And no wonder come. Alberta street is something she is delightful and beautiful in all its manifestations. When you see one or two buildings of this style standing next to it is "Wow!", and when charming building without sharp corners stand side by side to each other and form a whole street, it makes a truly lasting impression. This is a great, solemn, majestic and amazing!

Jugendstil in Riga

After seeing all these delights, you know that Riga can rightly be called the pearl of art Nouveau. We saw a lot of buildings in art Nouveau style in other countries, but this has never. Art Nouveau in Riga, this high primer that it is better to see in person. No pictures or video can not convey all the refinement which appears before the eyes on albert street. That is why we strongly encourage everyone to personally see this style of art in Riga and nowhere else.

Albert Street in Riga

Different directions of art Nouveau was reflected in the richly decorated with the ornaments of the facades of the buildings on albert street.

art Nouveau street-Alberta

Still correct to say, "You never return from the journey continues!" and Riga, in his embodiment of art Nouveau vivid example. Apart from the fact that each building itself is a masterpiece, as each of them also different colors that makes the albert street even more beautiful and some kind of holiday or something.


Alberta Riga

Take a walk on Alberta street, for us it has become the second largest attraction after the old town in Riga. It's sort of a free Museum under the open sky. The buildings on albert street are world recognized monuments of architecture and art.


Let's look briefly at history. Alberta street was laid in honor of the 700th anniversary of the city of Riga and is named after its founder, albert von buxthoeven. The construction of the street was conducted for two years.

riga art nouveau

albert street

On Elizabetes street of art Nouveau buildings not so much, so this street is hardly a street art. But despite this, few buildings of this style on the street are still present.


Elizabetes Street, Riga

The main and most beautiful art Nouveau building on Elizabetes street is the white blue house with beautiful ornaments. This building can be often seen in the Latvian Souvenirs and brochures.

art Nouveau in Riga


The Souvenirs are mostly portrayed this upper Central part of the building

the most famous Art Nouveau building in Riga

Another Alberta street is impressive because it so perfectly combines buildings of different styles. Here the building in the art Nouveau style can be closely adjacent to the building, completed in the opposite, modern style. And it all looks so coherently that it seems like it should be. Good for the Latvians, manages to combine seemingly incongruous.

modern style in Riga


Another building is among the masterpieces of Riga's architecture is designed in the same style can be called the building of the Latvian national Museum of art (Latvijas Nacionalais makslas muzejs). This building looks like art Nouveau, but it is a striking example of neo-Baroque. The Museum is located on the corner of Elizabetes and export (Krisjaņa Valdemara).

Latvian National Art Museum

The neo-Baroque style derived from the Baroque style, only at a later, so-called new age, in the 20th century. Neo-Baroque is also called the new Baroque, which literally translates as pretentious. Indeed, the building of the Latvian art Museum can be called pretentious.

art museum in Riga

Latvian national Museum of art is one of the oldest museums of Riga, founded in 1869. Currently the Museum has collected over 52,000 exhibits, divided into two vast collections, collection of Latvian art, and a collection of foreign art.

Near the Museum is a neo-Gothic red brick building, which houses the art Academy of Latvia (Latvijas Makslas akademija).

Latvian Academy of Arts

Latvian Academy of arts is a higher education public institution, founded in 1919 one of the first Latvian professional painters Wilhelm Purvitis. The Academy building was built in 1905 by architect Wilhelm Bockslaff.

Academy of Fine Arts in Riga

Interesting sculpture near the main entrance to the Academy

sculpture near the Academy of Arts in Riga

Will be in Riga, stroll through the streets of Alberta and Elizabetes street, believe me, you will not regret it. A lasting impression of beauty that you will make Riga art Nouveau, you are unlikely to forget.

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