Powder Tower, Latvian War Museum in Riga

Powder tower in Riga's old town, is the oldest and the only surviving tower of a similar kind in the whole of Riga. Latvian the title of the tower Pulvertornis, literally translated as the powder.

Previously, she served as part of the Riga fortification wall, which served as the city's strengthening. The tower was always on duty to watch in case of enemy invasion. Powder tower originally called the Sand tower and dated to 1330 buildings. Although the exact year of construction of the tower is still unknown, but his (1330 year) equate to the first mention of the tower Chronicles. And sand tower was called not because it was made of sand or based on it, but because the tower was covering the entrance to the city from the Big Sandy road.

The current name of the tower was only in the 17th century, after it began to store gunpowder infantry.

Gunpowder Tower in Riga

As mentioned earlier, the Powder tower in the old town you can see just one, but fragments of medieval city walls and to this day can be seen in different parts of Riga's old town. For example, a well-preserved part of the medieval defensive walls can be seen near the Jacob's barracks (Jacob's barracks) and on the waterfront.

The photo of the fortress the defensive wall for the Powder tower and opposite Yakovlevsky barracks.

part of the fortress defensive wall behind the Powder tower

The Riga powder tower is situated in the heart of old Riga, at Smilsu iela 20, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia, in exactly opposite Bastejkalns. With the Bastion hill offers beautiful views of the Powder tower and the Jacob's barracks. Suggest to climb up the hill and to consider all the surroundings and the ensemble of the Park, Bastion hill is a great place for walks and rest.

view of the Powder Tower from the Bastion Hill

Next to the Powder tower at the end of the building Yakovlevsky barracks painted the coats of arms of Latvian cities. Very beautiful.

coats of arms of Latvian cities on the Yakovlev barracks next to the Powder Tower

Directly at the Powder tower is an interesting piece. What it represents is unclear, but like a man sitting on a horse toli toli on the dog or the wolf. Figure now is a modern art.

During its existence the powder tower has experienced many historical events due to which the tower was repeatedly destroyed and then restored again and rebuilt. During the Russian Empire, the tower was abandoned. In 1892 the tower was overhauled with funds raised by students of Riga Polytechnic University. After repair of some premises of the tower turned into a hall for fencing, others have rooms for dancing, and one even became pub. So, the powder tower served as a student entertainment center until 1916, and then in the space tower opened its first Museum, the Museum of Latvian infantry regiments.

In 1919, the Museum of the infantry regiments was transferred to the Military Museum of Latvia (Latvijas Kara muzejs). The Museum's exhibits infantry regiments marked the beginning of the collection large collection of the military Museum. In 1927 -1939 years to the Powder tower was built a new building of the military Museum. So was formed one of the oldest and largest museums in Latvia Military of Latvia Museum.

Currently, the Museum exposition devoted to the history of appearance and development of the Latvian armed forces. The main part of the Museum Fund form the items, telling about the military and political history of Latvia the 20th century. In the collections of the Museum contains more than twenty-five thousand exhibits, which in turn are divided into 22 thematic collections.

The Museum is open daily from November to March from 10:00 to 17:00 from April to October from 10:00 to 18:00 hours. Entrance fee. Guided tour in Latvian costs 8 Euro per person, in English and Russian languages - 12 Euros. Opening hours and prices can change at any time, suggest to check it before visiting the Museum.

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