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Riga Central Market - Latvia's gastronomic paradise

Riga Central market (Centraltirgus, with the Latvian language is literally translated as Central market) is the most famous and largest market of the city of Riga. It was founded in 1930 and since then regularly supplies fresh produce and food products to residents and visitors alike.

Riga Central market is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. In addition to the quality and variety of products on the market, he is also famous for its architecture. And it is known that located in the large, semicircular pavilions, previously served as hangars for the storage of airships.

Riga Central Market

In the ensemble, there are five huge hangars (pavilions), vegetable, dairy, meat, seafood and gourmet pavilions. Four of which are connected by covered passages, which is very convenient, because to switch from one hangar (compartment market) to another do not need to go out. And the fifth stands alone, it traded fresh meat, sausages, smoked meat, chicken specialties and other meat products.

Smoked chicken, well, sooo delicious. We bought one for the sample, so after a few more times, went back to the market for the chickens.

meat pavilion of the Riga market

The market in Riga is mostly grocery. In the hangars in the morning until the evening there is a lively trade of fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and dairy products, sweets, alcohol and, of course, fish and canned food. Each pavilion presents its products, one is cheese, cheese and all dairy products, in another candy, cookies, nuts, dried fruit, honey and other sweets, the third fish and fish products, etc.

vegetable pavilion of the Riga market

milk pavilion of the Riga market

What's the fish only fresh, frozen, smoked, various semi-finished fish. The names are not many fish, mostly herring which is used to make the famous Riga sprats, sprat, salmon, perch, catfish, carp, mackerel... perhaps that's all. However, all this fish are sold both fresh and in ready-made types.

And here is the finished fish just the sea, here for example, we all know mackerel, in addition to the classic hot and cold Smoking, on the market there are still a dozen or so recipes - fried, fried with vegetables and(or) cheese, smoked garlic, various spices, vegetables in oil and in something even to remember all of this impossible.

We tried some types of smoked mackerel, very tasty, fresh, soft, without extraneous odours and flavors, moderately salty, spicy, smoked.

fish at the Riga Central Market

smoked fish at the Riga market

In addition to the pavilions-sheds, on the market and it is open territory. It is located directly next to the hangars, there being a trade of vegetables and fruits as well as flowers, household goods, clothing, Souvenirs and other goods of daily demand.

open area of the Riga market

Riga market

If you are not going to buy anything at the Riga Central market, just to walk on it is at least in order to see the architecture and feel the flavor of the biggest in Riga outlets. However, be sure that ourmaninside scents, purity and type of products in this market, you will not leave empty handed. And it's true, checked personally! We also initially came just to watch, and then returned to the market again and again)).

central market in Riga

the largest market in Latvia

In our opinion a mandatory purchase on the market, which is worth a try may be: smoked chicken, deli meats, fish meats, cheeses and fresh cheese.

By the way, the Riga Central market is not only the biggest market of Riga, but also the colorful shopping place in Latvia. What else attracts visitors to the market, in addition to a variety of products of this kind can be found everywhere, so a sign of the quality of all food sold in the Central market. They even have their own motto, which is "Healthy food, individual approach and competitive prices!". That for us, so Healthy food is the cornerstone, which is enough.

In the open territory market sometimes satisfied with festive performances and concerts dedicated to that meter or significant event, holiday or date.

Location and address of the Riga Central market

Central market in Riga is located within walking distance from the old town, near the railway stations, at Negu iela 7,Riga, LV-1050, Latvia (street Negu 7).

Official website of the Riga market

Hours the Riga market

The different pavilions of the market of work at different times. But the differences in opening hours of the pavilions are minor, some are open half an hour earlier, the other way around closes one hour later.

To visit the market to be sure that all the pavilions will be open, it is best to come in the so-called "common hours" of the pavilions, it

mon. according to the sun. from 08:00 to 17:00 hours.

Market hours and pavilions can always change, before you visit be sure to check the time on the above mentioned official website.

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