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Costa Brava


Tossa de Mar is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coastal resorts on the Costa Brava.

From the first minute Tossa fascinates with its beauty, tidiness and peaceful atmosphere.


Lloret de Mar is a city and the Mediterranean coastal resort relating to the province of Girona and is situated on the Costa Brava.

Lloret is a popular holiday destination and is considered the heart of hangout life of the Costa Brava.


The route runs along the coast from Lloret to Tossa, and occasionally deepened into residential areas, in places where there is no possibility to go along the coast.

During the walk we pass on patrol trails, visited beaches and coves, climb to the viewpoint and descend again, heading to a hilly area of the Costa Brava.


Blanes - town and popular resort located on the Costa Brava.

A small, charming town of Blanes attracts sandy beaches, secluded coves, as well as waterfront, historic, and two Botanical gardens, has gained popularity among city guests.


Patrol paths - paths that once were the patrol routes. Trails usually ran along the coast or deep into the forest.

Popularity in Lloret is the route, which runs along the coast from Lloret beach and Fenals beach (next to Blanes).


You can get to Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar from Barcelona, ​​as well as from the resorts to Barcelona, ​​both from Barcelona Airport and from the city center: on public transport - buses or trains + bus; on a personal or rented car; or taxi.


To get to Blanes from Barcelona, as well as from Blanes to Barcelona, you can: by public transport - buses or trains; private or rented car; or taxi.


Tossa de Mar is a small town located on the Spanish Costa Brava is famous as the beaches and their attractions.


The complex San Miguel - old hospital of San Miguel, now consisting of the cultural center and chapel of San Miguel, is one of the main attractions of Tossa de Mar.


Villa Romana del Castle - the archaeological site, which is a Museum of antiquity under the open sky, situated in Tossa de Mar.

Archaeological excavations of the Villa are of great historical importance and testify to the rich past of the region.


The promenade of Tossa de Mar is a long promenade, which is one of the main places for walks and recreation among locals and visitors alike.

The length of the waterfront is 1 kilometer.


Coast of Tossa de Mar, like most of Costa Brava, is characterized by rocky hills with lush coniferous vegetation, where there are beaches and coves, among which there are more wide, long and affordable, and there are privacy, access to which is not so easy.


Beach Menuda or Playa de La Mar Menuda - the second most popular, after the Central Platja Gran beach in Tossa de Mar.

On the beach of coarse sand of light color. In high season there is all necessary infrastructure.


Gran Beach, also known as just Tossa Beach, is the central and busiest beach of Tossa de Mar.

The beach lies at the foot of a rocky hill, which is the most iconic landmark in Tossa's medieval old town surrounded by a fortified wall with watchtowers.


The resort town of Tossa de Mar, situated on Spain's Costa Brava, is famous for its variety of Hiking routes, by following which you can build all the charms of the coast.

One such route is the route of El Codolar.

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