Costa Brava


You can get to Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar from Barcelona, ​​as well as from the resorts to Barcelona, ​​both from Barcelona Airport and from the city center: on public transport - buses or trains + bus; on a personal or rented car; or taxi.


To get to Blanes from Barcelona, as well as from Blanes to Barcelona, you can: by public transport - buses or trains; private or rented car; or taxi.


The resort town of Tossa de Mar, situated on Spain's Costa Brava, is famous for its variety of Hiking routes, by following which you can build all the charms of the coast.

One such route is the route of El Codolar.


Parish Church of San Vicente, or Saint Vicente is the main and largest Church in Tossa de Mar.

The Shrine was built in 1775, after 20 years of construction.


Fortress of Tossa de Mar is a complex of medieval buildings enclosed by a defensive wall with watchtowers.

The castle of Tossa de Mar is also known as Vila Velha (Vila Vella), which means "Old town".


Beach Codolar, also known as the beach below the castle is a small beach Cove, flanked by rocky hills of the Costa Brava, stretching into the sea water.

It is an old fishing beach.


In a large Bay Llorell (Cala Llorell) are two sandy beaches: Laurel and Porto PI and three small Bay - Figueroa, Carlos and Llevado.

Between the beaches and coves of Loral easy to get around on foot, on trails, polagushin along the line of the sea.


Beaches Llorell consists of two beaches: Playa de Llevant and Gabri, separated by a small rocky area and together represent a single coastline.

The beaches are surrounded by cliffs and thick vegetation, which makes them very picturesque.


Plage de Porto PI substitutes belogorodsky beach with minimal beach infrastructure.

On the beach large light sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles, the quantum there are lumps and boulders, both on the beach and in the water.


Blanes is a town and popular resort in the Spanish Costa Brava.

Blanes attracts, as its sandy long beaches and small coves and attractions, each good in its own way.


Plaza of Spain and street Centre - the second most popular in the centre of Blanes, after a promenade, a place for walking and recreation.

Area and the street constitutes a zone extending a little over 200 meters, along which historic buildings, places to stay, shops, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.


The castle of San Juan historical monument, one of the main attractions and a symbol of Blanes.

Due to its location the castle attracts tourists because it is located near the observation deck, which offers the city's best panoramic views of Blanes itself, the surrounding area and sea water.


The promenade of Blanes - long boardwalk, which is one of the main places for walks and recreation among locals and visitors alike.

The length of the promenade of Blanes is more than 3 kilometers. Stretches from the Eastern part of the port of Blanes and to the Western end of the beach'abanell.


Today Blanes is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors, including its beaches and clean sea water.

Within Blanes there are 4 sandy public beach also has some rocky / rocky-sandy coves.


Beach s'Abanell - the longest beach of Blanes.

On the beach of coarse sand of light color, sea water is clean, depth comes rather abruptly.

In the high beach season on the beach has all the necessary infrastructure.

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