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San Miguel complex in Tossa de Mar - old hospital: cultural center and a chapel (antiguo Hospital de San Miguel / Casa de la Cultura)

The complex San Miguel - old hospital of San Miguel (antiguo Hospital de San Miguel), now consisting of the cultural center and chapel of San Miguel, is one of the main attractions of Tossa de Mar.

Hospital of San Miguel or St. Michael's orphanage was founded in 1773 as a hospital for the poor, thanks to the legacy of Thomas Vidal and ray, who went to America, and there is richer, has returned home and left part of his fortune to the construction of the hospital.

In 1903, the hospital was converted into a monastery of nuns and school.

Now the walls of the old hospital is a cultural center (Casa de la Cultura). The building is of considerable size, a well-preserved, consists of a rectangular two-storey buildings situated around the monastery.

In the inner space of the structure is notable for the Central courtyard, where the well-stone with an arched top.

In the walls of the old hospital exhibitions.

In one part of the building is the chapel, dedicated to San Miguel (Saint Miguel / Capella de Sant Miquel). The image of San Miguel on the main altar made in Baroque style, the work of a local workshop Cas Fuster.

In the crypt is the grave of the founder of the hospital of Tomas Vidal and ray.

The complex is situated in San Miguel in the town of Tossa de Mar, at: Av. Pelegrí, 8, near the bus station of Tossa de Mar. Admission is free (complimentary).

Opposite the old hospital, across the street Av. Pelegrí, is another significant attraction of Tossa de Mar Roman Villa Castle, which is a archeological site under the open sky. Read more about Villa Castle...

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