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Beaches Tossa de Mar. Coast of Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is a small coastal town, now one of the most popular resorts of the Costa Brava.

In addition to the medieval castle located on the slopes of a hill and is the only example of a fortified medieval town that exists on the Catalan coast, as well as the network of narrow streets in the more modern centre, with an abundance of shops, cafes and restaurants, and the promenade stretching along the entire Central part of the coast of Tossa de Mar, the town is famous for its beaches, most of which are sandy.

The sand on the beaches and in the bays of Tossa de Mar large, bright and quite solid. Sea water is clean and clear.

Coast of Tossa de Mar, like most of Costa Brava, is characterized by rocky hills with lush coniferous vegetation, where there are beaches and coves, among which there are more wide, long and affordable, and there are privacy, access to which is not so easy.

The beaches of Tossa de Mar, Spain

All the beaches of Tosa de Mar, the location can be divided into three sections.

The first is Central located near the city center and the walk to them is no trouble.

The second, located to the West along the coast from the centre of Tossa de Mar to the border with the neighbouring town of Lloret de Mar.

Third, those that are located in the Eastern part of the coast from the centre of Tossa, respectively.

Central beaches of Tossa de Mar

In the Central part of Tossa de Mar are four beaches, three of which are sandy and one rocky.

On the sandy beaches in high season there is all necessary infrastructure beach: sun loungers and parasols (cost 7 Euros for a sunbed or umbrella; 19,50 Euro for two sunbeds and an umbrella), showers and toilets, rubbish bins, there are decks for ease of movement, rescue centers and first aid, beach cafes and restaurants as well as a dedicated area for water activities.

Beach Gran or just the Tossa beach (Platja Gran / Gran Playa) is the Central and busiest area in the city.

Playa Grande lies at the foot of a rocky hill, which is the most iconic landmark in Tossa's medieval old town surrounded by a fortified wall with guard towers (Vila Velha / Vila Vella). Read more about fortress of Tossa de Mar...

The Grand beach awarded "Blue flag".

The length of the beach is about 400 meters and its average width is 60 meters. Read more about the beach Gran...

Ray beach (Playa del Ray / Playa del Reig) - unextended rocky beach bordering the Gran beach on its Eastern side.

Depending on the weather (wind, tide) on the beach is sand, and sometimes beach has only a rocky surface.

From the boardwalk to the beach are concrete steps. The seabed is characterized by the stones and rock formations.

Beach Menuda or Playa de La Mar Menuda (Playa de La Mar Menuda / Playa de la Mar Menuda) is the second most popular, after the Central Platja Gran beach in Tossa de Mar.

Menuda beach on the West side of the coast is bordered by the beach, del Reig.

Beach awarded "Blue flag".

The length of the beach is 180 meters and its average width is 20 meters.

On the East side of the beach has large rock formations between which there is a small Bay, known as the "women's bath", which, thanks to its shallow depth and calm waters, ideal for bathing children.

Near the beach Menuda is the only one in the centre of Tossa de Mar is a 4-star Golden Mar Menuda, with direct access to the beach.

In hotel: the pool and sun terrace with direct beach access, free Wi-Fi, a bar and a restaurant. Read more about the beach Menuda...

Along all three beaches (Gran, Ray and Menuda) is a promenade (boardwalk), which is one of the most popular places for walking and recreation in Tossa.

Along the promenade: cafes and restaurants, places to stay, hotels and apartments, car Parking. Read more about promenade in Tossa de Mar...

Beach Codolar also known as the beach below the castle (Playa des Codolar / Playa d'es Codolar) is a small beach Cove, flanked by rocky hills stretching into the sea water.

This beach is located a short walk from the centre of Tossa de Mar, just below the old city wall. Read more about beach Codolar...

The beaches and Bay of the Western coast of Tossa de Mar

In the Western part of the coast of Tossa de Mar are three sandy beach and four small coves.

All beaches and coves located 4-8 kilometres from the centre of Tossa de Mar.

To get to the beaches by car (rent a car in Spain...), or, alternatively, on foot from the centre of Tossa de Mar tourist trails run through the hills, along the rocky coast. Read more about Hiking route to the beaches...

Bay Llevado (Llevado Cala / Cala Llevado) - a small pebble and rocky Cove where there are large boulders.

Bay Carlos (Cala den Carlos / Cala d en Carlos) is a small pebbly and sandy Bay.

In the Bay there are urns, in season you can hire sun loungers and parasols, a café with refreshments and snacks, a shower and a toilet, as well as selected location for water sports.

Figuera Bay , or Bay des Regals (Cala Figuera / Cala d'es Rajols) - a small sandy Cove with no beach services.

Cala Figuera is surrounded by cliffs and coniferous vegetation, which makes it very picturesque.

On the beach are nudist.

Lorel beaches (Playas de Llorell / Playas de Llorell) consists of two beaches: Playa de Llevant (Llevant Playa de Llorell) and Gabri (Playa de Garbi de Llorell), separated by a small rocky area and together represent a single coastline.

On the large beaches of pale sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles, stroke are rare lumps and boulders, both on the beach and in the water.

In the high beach season on the beaches of Llorell has all the necessary beach infrastructure. In the East end of the Llevant beach is the diving center. Read more about beaches Llorell...

Plage de Porto PI (Playa de Porto PI / Playa de Porto Pi) substitutes belogorodsky beach with minimal beach infrastructure.

On the beach large light sand, sometimes mixed with pebbles, the quantum there are lumps and boulders, both on the beach and in the water.

The beach of Porto PI divided by rocky ledges extending into the sea on several small sections, between which is fitted the trail.

The beach of Porto PI is adjacent to the beaches Lorel. Read more about the beach of Porto PI...

Morisca Cove (Cala Morisca / Cala Morisca) is a small rocky Bay, go down to where you can only walk.

This is the most remote part of the West coast of Tossa de Mar. The Bay is located on the border of the towns of Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar, therefore, applies to the beaches of Tossa de Mar, and Lloret beaches. Read more about the beaches of Lloret de Mar...

The beaches and coves of the Eastern coast of Tossa de Mar

The Eastern part of the coast of Tossa de Mar, in contrast to the West, is characterized by a large presence of small bays, as official and with beach infrastructure and more wild.

To these bays also not easy to get to. Or by car, a detour from the main road or on foot. Distance from the centre of Tossa de Mar is anywhere from about 2 to 10 kilometers.

Bay of bona (Cala bona / Cala Bona) is a small Bay, well-protected narrow rocky sleeves protruding in sea water.

In the Bay the rocky shore, rises almost close to marine waters. There is a narrow sandy area.

In the Bay: restaurants, cafes, boxes and shower for feet.

Bay Floor (Floor Cala / Cala Pola) - a small Bay with light-coloured coarse sand, with both sides protected rocky shores, extending far into the sea water.

This Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful in Tossa and one of the most characteristic, and fully reflects the true scenery of the Costa Brava.

In the Bay: café-restaurant, garbage cans and sinks.

Bay Floor, surrounded by campsites with similar names:

- Camping Pola Bungalow-tents, swimming pools, bar with terrace, Wi-Fi and Breakfast or Breakfast + lunch;

- Kampaoh Cala Pola with pool, garden, bar and free Wi-Fi. In the camping tents.

The beach is the Bay of Giverola (Giverola Playa / Playa Giverola) is quite a big sand-and-shingle Cove beach, which in high season, represents a whole range of beach services: sun loungers and parasols, bins and soul for the feet, a dedicated place for water sports. There is a beach café bar and paid Parking.

In the Bay from the centre of Tossa de Mar (Playa Grande) ply boats glass bottom.

The Bay is surrounded by rocky headlands, lush. Located to the East of the Bay Floor, via the Cape.

Near the Bay of Giverola, on the hillside, is a 3-star resort Arenas Giverola Resort, the Windows of which overlook the sea. On-site facilities include a fitness centre, a tennis court and an outdoor pool with water slides and sun terrace with sun loungers, with direct access to the beach.

Bay Potager (Fotedar Cala / Cala Futadera) - a small sand and rocky Cove, secluded situated in the rocky coast, separated from the Bay of Giverola narrow Pintner Cape (Cap des Pintiner) that go deep into the sea.

To the Bay and are accessible only on foot via a long staircase, located in the Western end of the Bay.

It is a Cove with no amenities, but very quiet.

On a hill near the Bay Potager located apartment Ma terrasse à la mer with sea views and free Wi-Fi. Some apartments have a dining area and/or terrace.

Bay Salons (Salons Cala / Cala Salions), a small sandy Cove located near the homonymous Cape and in the same urbanization.

On the beach there are cafes, boxes and shower for feet.

Near the beach is a supermarket. Near the beach you can rent an apartment: Apartment in Tossa de Mar, Cala Salions Chalana I etc.

Vallpresona beach (Playa de Vallpresona / Playa de Vallpregona) - the most Eastern point of the coast of Tossa.

On the beach of large pebbles and stones, and infrastructure is lacking.

Map of the beaches and coves of Tossa de Mar

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