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Beaches Lloret de Mar. Lloret de Mar coast

Leret de Mar or Lloret de Mar is a Mediterranean coastal town and one of the most popular resorts of the Spanish Costa Brava.

Famous for Lloret de Mar and its beaches. The city has six sandy beaches in the high season the beach has all the necessary infrastructure beach to enjoy the sun and the sea with total comfort.

On the beaches: deck chairs and umbrellas from the sun (average cost of 7 Euros for a sunbed or umbrella; 19,50 Euro for two sunbeds and an umbrella), showers and toilets, rubbish bins and decking for ease of movement, a beachfront café-bars and kiosks with drinks and ice cream. Also on most beaches marked places for water sports.

Lifeguards and a first aid service is available from 15 may to 15 October.

Lloret de Mar was awarded four blue flags. They have noted beach of Lloret, Fenals beach, the Bay of Sa-Bagels and the beach of Santa Cristina.

Besides the sandy beaches within the Town is the rugged coastline, which is lined with small bays (semi-wild and wild), where, in season, tourists and locals.

The beaches of Lloret de Mar. Coast of Lloret de Mar

- Central beaches Lloret-de-Mar -

The Lloret beach (Playa de Lloret De Mar)

The Lloret beach, the Central, longest and most popular beach resort.

The beach is over a mile away, and its average width is 45 meters.

The Lloret beach is located in the heart of the city between the beach of Sa Caleta (on the East side of the coast) and rocky Bay Bans (Western side coast).

Along the beach runs the promenade (the promenade) - one of the most popular places in the city for walking and relaxing. Read more about Lloret beach in Lloret de Mar...

Sa Caleta beach (Playa de Sa Caleta)

Sa Caleta beach is a small Cove located in the resort center, near the Central beach of Lloret.

This small Cove is also known as fishing. In the Bay near the shore you can see small fishing boats. On the beach of coarse sand of light color. Read more about Sa Caleta beach...

- Eastern beaches Lloret-de-Mar -

Bay, Eastern coast of Lloret de Mar

From the beach of Sa Caleta, in the Eastern side along the coast and to the beach Canyelles, rocky stretches of the coast, a characteristic small bays, framed by coniferous vegetation.

In the bays, the rocks, pebbles and sand interspersed with pebbles.

Bay: des Frares (Cala des Frares), Safareig d'en Sitrah (Caleta d'en Sitre Safareig), den Trons (Cala d'en Trons), sa Tortuga (Cala sa Tortuga) and Cala Gran (Cala Gran).

The Canyelles beach (Playa de Canyelles)

The Canyelles beach is about 3.5-4 kilometers from the city centre.

The length of the beach strip is 450 metres away. On the beach is a large pebble sand light Golden color, the seawater is clean and clear. There is a children's Playground, cafe and bar.

A distinctive feature of the beach Canyelles is that on its Western side is located the only Marina in Lloret de Mar. Read more about the beach Canyelles...

Morisca Cove (Cala Morisca)

Morisca Cove or Cala Morisca is a small rocky Bay. Go down to the Bay only on foot.

This is the most remote part of the Eastern coast of Lloret. The Bay is located on the border of the towns of Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar.

- Western beaches Lloret-de-Mar -

Bay Bans (Cala Banys)

Buns - rocky Cove, located between the beaches of Lloret and Fenals, which, with Bay Bags connects the trail along the coast, which once held a watch. Read more about watch trail...

Bags well suited for fishing or Snorkelling.

In the Bay near the shore is a cafe-bar with outdoor Seating and views of the sea water. Read more about Bay Bags...

Fenals beach (Playa de Fenals)

Fenals beach is the second largest and most popular beach of Lloret de Mar, on the Central beach of Lloret.

The beach is 700 meters, and its average width is 45 meters.

Convenient Fenals beach that is within easy walking distance from the centre of Lloret, but at the same time is a bit more quiet and secluded than the main beach of Lloret.

Above the line Fenals beach along the promenade where there are refreshment stands, ice cream and beverages; a few café-restaurants; sports. Read more about Fenals beach...

Boadella beach (Playa de Sa Boadella)

Boadella beach or Cove of Sa-Bagels - beach-Bay over the hill from Santa Clotilde gardens.

The beach boasts pristine nature, since it is located somewhat remotely from the town centre (however, the beach from the town centre can be reached on foot), between two hills, which offers beautiful panoramic views of the beach itself and the surrounding area.

The beach has a length of 250 meters and its average width is 40 meters.

On the beach are nudist. Read more about the beach Boadella...

The beaches of Santa Cristina and Treumal (Playa de Santa Cristina Playa de Treumal)

The beach of Santa Cristina and the beach Treumal two small beach located in the Western tip of the coast of Lloret de Mar, about 3.5 kilometers from the city center, on the border with Blaricom.

The beaches are a single beach strip, where through a gap between two rocks on the beach and blends in with the other.

The beaches located between the two large hills that protect the beaches from winds and high waves, and due to the dense vegetation, the beaches are pristine original appearance.

Near the beach of Santa Cristina, on the spacious grounds of the forest, is a 5-star hotel Santa Marta with direct access to the beach. This is the only hotel in Lloret de Mar with direct access to the beach. Read more about beaches of Santa Cristina and Treumal...

Map of the beaches and coves of Lloret de Mar

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