Beaches Blanes, Spain

Blanes is a small Catalan town located in the South - Western tip of the Costa Brava and symbolically considered the "gateway to the Costa Brava".

Today Blanes is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors, including its beaches and clean sea water.

Within Blanes there are 4 sandy public beach also has some rocky / rocky-sandy coves.

Three Blanes beach awarded "Blue flag". They noted: Playa de Blanes, the beach of Sa'abanell beach and Sant Francesc or Cala bona.

In the high beach season on most beaches of Blanes has all the necessary infrastructure beach to enjoy the sun and the sea with total comfort.

On the beaches: deck chairs and parasols, showers and toilets, rubbish bins and decking for ease of movement, a beachfront café-bars and kiosks with drinks and ice cream, life and health centres. Also on some beach, a dedicated area for beach and water sports.

Playa de Blanes (Blanes Playa de)

Playa de Blanes, or just the beach of Blanes - the beach is Crescent-shaped, located in the center of Blanes and the Central beach of the city.

This is the most popular and therefore crowded beach resort, and its length is about 600 meters, the beach stretches from the port of Blanes and to the rocks, Sa Palomera, where smoothly flows into the'abanell beach, Sa.

On the beach of coarse sand of light color. Along the beach runs the Central promenade is a great place for walks and rest. Read more about Playa de Blanes...

The beach of s'Abanell, Blanes (Playa de s'Abanell)

The beach of s'Abanell beach or just'abanell - the longest beach of Blanes, located in the "new part" of the city.

This is one of the most popular beaches in Blanes, its length is more than 2 kilometers, the beach stretches from the rock the descent Palomera, where it blends in Playa de Blanes and to the Western end of Blanes.

On the beach of the coarse sand, bright colors, and found a pebble. Along the beach runs the promenade. Read more about'abanell beach, Sa...

The beach of Santa Anna (Playa de Santa Anna)

The beach of Santa Anna, better known as the Capellans beach - a small pebble-sandy beach located in the city centre, on the East side of the port of Blanes.

On the Eastern side the beach is framed by the hill on which the monastery of the Capuchins, which originates from the rocky coast of Blanes.

The Bay Of Forcanera (Cala Sa Forcanera)

Beach Bay CA Forcanera - secluded place Blanes, considered the pearl of the coast of the city.

This small sandy Bay is located among the rocks of the East coast of Blanes. Access to the beach of the Bay is only possible by sea.

The beach of Sant Francesc or Cala bona (Sant Francesc Cala / Cala Bona)

The beach of San Francesc, also known as Cala bona (Sant Francesc Cala / Cala Bona) is a small beach located in a Bay, flanked by hills, which grow on pine trees.

This is one of the best beaches in Blanes. Is the beach in the Eastern part of the coast of Blanes, about two kilometers from the city centre.

The length of the beach is around 200 meters and its width is 40 meters.

On the beach of coarse sand of light color, with occasional rock formations. Sea water is clean and clear.

The beachfront does not pass road. Along the beach is equipped with track, where a restaurant and a place to stay. Read more about the beach of Sant Francesc...

Bay Aguia (Cala s Agüia)

Bay Aguia or Cala Agulla (Cala Agulla) is a tiny rocky Bay with crystal clear sea water, located in the Eastern part of the coast of Blanes, near the Botanical garden piña de Rosa (Tropical Paratge Jardí Botànic Pinya de Rosa).

To reach the beach either by sea or descending path, located just East of the entrance to the garden piña de Rosa.

Treumal beach (Playa de Treumal)

Treumal is the most Eastern beach of Blanes, located on the border of Blanes and the resort city of Lloret de Mar. Because of its location, this beach is considered as to Blanes and Loert de Mar.

Beach Treumal adjacent to the beach of Santa Cristina beach and both are a single beach strip, as through a gap between two rocks on the beach and blends in with the other.

On the beaches of sand of light colors, sea water is clean and clear.

This place is very picturesque (fine Golden sand, transparent sea water, rocks and pine trees - are the true Costa Brava) and very secluded as the beaches quite remotely, as from the centre of Blanes and the centre of Lloret de Mar.

Above the beach there is an observation deck and a couple of minutes. Read more about beaches Treumal and Santa Cristina...

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