Banys Bay, Lloret de Mar (Cala Banys)

Banys Bay (Cala Banys) - rocky Cove located in the town of Lloret de Mar on the Spanish Costa Brava, near the Central beach of Lloret.

This attractive Bay that is located among the mountains (hills), making it very picturesque.

Bay Bins is considered an urban beach, but it is not really that accustomed to understand the word "beach". Bay this rocky-stony, however, in high season, the Bay swim and sunbathe, placing them on towels directly on the rocks.

Bags well suited for fishing or Snorkelling.

In the Bay near the shore is a cafe-bar with outdoor Seating and views of the sea water.

Beach-Bay Bans is situated between the beaches of Lloret and Fenals, which, with Bay Bags connects the trail along the coast, which once held a watch. Read more about watch trail...

A short walk along the trail you can enjoy the Costa Brava, to see the famous bronze sculpture "the fisherman's Wife" staring at the sea and visit the remains of the castle Sant Joan (tower of Saint John / Castell de Sant Joan).

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