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Gdansk - the amber capital of Poland


In the centre of gdańsk, especially in the historical section of cafés, pubs, snack bars and restaurants a lot. They are located along all the main streets. Prices about the same everywhere, the food choices too, so here recommendations will be meaningless as hungry, go into any restaurant and eat.

In town the main street food of the local people are the Kebabs. Eat it probably every second. Sebabnya, in contrast to the cafes and restaurants are never empty. In Poland the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine. Institutions with these kebabs, various shapes and with various fillings, are at every step.


The main train station in Gdansk or gdańsk główny, the full Polish name of Gdansk Głowny is the largest passenger station of the Polish city of Gdansk.

The station building is certainly impressive and so in harmony with the architecture of old Gdansk. The building is an imposing red brick with wide Windows in arched shapes. A high tower of the station, decorated with a clock can be seen from afar.


Planning a trip by car to the Polish city of Gdansk, or Sopot, it will be useful to find out information about Parking in these cities, free, paid, cost, and some of the nuances.

In the centre of cities, Parking can be found on almost all the main streets, sights and places that are most in demand. But you should know that almost all of them are paid.


The old town in Gdansk is a part of the old historic centre of the city.

It is in the old town of gdańsk's main sights, monuments and history of the city.


The international airport named Lech Walesa (the Polish name of the Port Department Gdańsk im. Lecha Wałęsy, the former Port Department Gdańsk-Rębiechowo) in Gdansk is located 17 kilometers from the city centre.

The airport is named after Lech Walesa, the former Polish President. On the wall of the terminal, from the outside, you can see the signature of Lech Walesa: a stylized "W".

The easiest way to get from the airport to the centre of gdańsk on the buses...


Having read on the Internet a lot of positive feedback about the excellent and inexpensive, with a very large election goods shopping in Gdansk, we decided to go shopping in the city.

In the end, our expectations were not justified, shopping in Gdansk actually turned out to be no.

In Fashion House Оutlet Centre are almost all international brands of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for men, women and children. The shops are just filled with clothing, but clothing completely tasteless. We have the impression that the Fashion house imported all...

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