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How to get from Gdansk airport to the city centre

The international airport named Lech Walesa (the Polish name of the Port Department Gdańsk im. Lecha Wałęsy, the former Port Department Gdańsk-Rębiechowo) in Gdansk is located 17 kilometers from the city centre.

The airport is named after Lech Walesa, the former Polish President. On the wall of the terminal, from the outside, you can see the signature of Lech Walesa: a stylized "W".

Lech Walesa International Airport in Gdansk


A simple and budget way to get from the airport to the city center of Gdansk, on the buses:

- 210, passing through the center of the city, including making a stop at GDANSK GLOWNY (railway station to city center), bus stop called "Dworzec Głowny";

- 110 station GDANSK WRZESZCZ.

At night runs night bus line No. 3. Route: Gdansk Main railway station Wrzeszcz railway station via the Airport.

The fare:

- for one trip (+ night lines) 3,80 PLN (Polish zloty), a discounted ticket - 1,90 PLN;

- 1 hour (+ night lines) - 4,40 PLN, preferential - 2,20 PLN.

Where to buy tickets:

- in the terminal at the bus stop;

- at the shops located at the airport (e.g., Relay). In stores can be tickets only on the 1 hour also tickets may not be on sale (from personal experience, once at the time did not have tickets today and gone tomorrow...);

- in the terminal, located in the cabin of the bus, paying by credit card. During our recent visit to Gdansk, the terminal in the bus were not working;

- the driver upon entering the bus. The driver tickets for only 3,80 PLN, reduced - 1,90 zł.

The bus tickets must be validated.

Bus 210, Airport - Gdańsk Główny

bus from the airport to the center of Gdansk

The bus stops at a bus stop near the airport. The stop is located on the right side of the airport, if we follow on itself after exiting the airport building. From bus stop No. 210 centre of Gdansk - the first from the airport building.

The bus, forty minutes (it happens all: traffic jams, delays, etc., it is better to count the time left) takes you to the centre of the old town. Stop near the main train station.

From the railway station, five minutes walk from bus station (bus station) for buses to the bus station of Kaliningrad, including buses FlixBus plying in the Kaliningrad, Europe, as well as in Belarus. Link to the FlixBus buses →

The bus station with railway station connects the underground passage.

railway station in Gdansk

If from the Central railway station gdańsk to go to the airport, the bus stop 210 located on the opposite side from the main entrance to the train station, near shopping complex, bus stop far right if you stand with your back to the Mall. From the main entrance to the railway station (stand back) turn left to descend to the underpass, go to the end and exit to the right exit of the underpass, pass the shops and climb stairs. At the bus stop will indicate the bus number and schedule.

Bus in Sopot: Line 122, Airport-Flow-Stone railway Station.

Gdynia: Line 4A, Airport-railway Station, Gdynia.

Train/Light rail

Trains s-Bahn SKM, the so-called light metro, began to run in Gdansk on 1 September 2015. And currently they are on a par with buses, an easy and accessible way to get from the centre of Gdansk in airport Gdansk. Lech Walesa, or, conversely, from the airport to the centre of Gdansk.

Mostly trains to gdańsk Airport from the city centre depart from the station Gdansk Wrzeszcz. Trains run frequently, approximately every half hour day and several times a night, about 24 minutes. The train passes through stations: Strzyza, Niedzwiednik, Bretowo, Jasien, Kiełpinek and Matarnia.

From the station Gdansk Glowny direct trains run very rarely. Often from Gdansk Glowny to airport with connecting flights to Wrzeszcz.

The cost of the trip per passenger depends on the number of stops, the kilometer rate. From the center to the airport about 3.5-6 PLN. You can buy tickets in advance on the website SKM.

Attention! Schedule and cost of tickets can change, better to check before you travel, you can on the official website.

If there is a need to move to Gdańsk and further, that there are the same 24 and 72 hour passes for public transport.

The routes of buses and trams of the city of Gdansk can be seen here.


Taxi is the fastest, most convenient and comfortable way to get from Gdansk airport as the center of the city, in the surrounding area and nearby cities. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

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