As we got to the hotel in Rome, not knowing the road, having lost language and phones

This story is about how we, not knowing the language, roads and even without the card, losing phones, getting from the airport to the hotel in Rome.

So we arrived at the international airport of the city of Rome Italy - Fiumicino (Fiumicino in Italian means river).

At the same time, they have already lost their phone with cards at the Krasnodar airport. They just left it on the seat and left. Fortunately, the phone was found. But the fact that we spent the entire vacation without him caused inconvenience, since the phone was our only means of communication, moreover, with downloaded cards. It was found like this, someone found it and handed it to the airport employees, who in turn called one of the subscribers in the list, of course, my mother and told her that the phone would be stored at the airport until it was picked up. On the way back, we safely picked up our loss. There are still even people in the world, thank you for finding and returning our phone.

Since we are traveling exclusively by yourself. Don't like the travel Agency organizing holidays on a herd - where they led to and go, put on a bus - sit, lucky - go showed where there is to eat. Brrrr... not to us. Then meet us or suggest where to go there was no one. A little help that was with a printout of the hotel reservation with a website Booking, which is the address of the hotel.

We got off at the airport, went to the train. It is cheaper to get to the city center by train. We go to the ticket offices of the train, and then we are met by a sign on which it is written in large font in Russian "Currency exchange". We go further, there is a man also shouting in Russian "Taxi! Taxi!". We bought two tickets for the train, got on the train that took us to the main station of Rome Termini.

We got off at the train station, we need to call home, tell our relatives that we got there safely. Not far from the train station, we found a meeting point, talked for a long time with employees, how to call us in Russia, they could hardly understand each other. Then a woman comes up and tells the employees of the negotiation point in Italian that she is from Ukraine and will explain everything to us. She explained to us how to call Russia.

Came out of the negotiating points, we begin to ask in broken English for directions to the hotel Affittacamere Scrivais located at the address: Via Francesco Pacelli 14, Aurelio, 00165 Rome, Italy. Girl, in broken English, tries to explain to us where to go. And then we are thrown a few words in Russian, and she speaks Russian, that we have to go down that way, and then ask since she lives in Rome recently and are unfamiliar with the city.

Go in the it direction. Come to the book series, well, think the sellers then just locals and should know the city, but not here that was. Went to one of the booksellers, he took our printout, then pulled out a map, looked at her watched, apparently little understood. Called other dealers, they all got gadgets who who cards and began consultation on the issue. Conferred, consulted, we are waiting for word of course not understanding. They finished, and showed which way to go, and then ask, because they do not know the address.

Left us in a mess that the streets of Rome is not the usual perpendicular arrangement. No street stretches further than it cuts other street. That is, if you walk down the street, and it rests in the intersection, or a circular motion, then go on a completely different street. Walking down the street, intersection, pass the intersection of straight and the other side of another street. The ring and approaches him seven to nine different streets. A little turned third street, passed some houses and went to fourth street. Unaccustomed to understand it enough. The hotel where we lived, was located on a street consisting of only a few houses.

Go ahead, look around, realize that once again got lost, went into a small shop. As always show our listing and please suggest how to pass. Again, going consultation of the employees of the store, shoppers and passers-by. All the same pattern, no one knows where this or that street, they take out the card or the phone looking for Wi-Fi and watch, while vigorously discussing something among themselves. Occupation is not necessary to say fast, about one such group, we stood for 30 minutes. Show us again about which way to go, but just no one knows and we move on until we know that once again lost, and again ask the question to passers-by, they gather around people and all this is repeated again and again. It is necessary to pay a tribute of respect and admiration to the locals to whom we had requested, no one walks by, refuses to help, unlike our fellow citizens.

Went to autotuning. Where to go up or down? Goes by a priest. Ask how to get and display its listing. He got the iPhone, something long considered and asks:

- "The Italian?"
We Will: "Know"
- "English?"
We Will: "Know"
He asks: "Where are you, then?"
We say that from Russia!
He takes his hands behind his head, shakes her and says:
- "Oh bill!" - "Bravo vodka!".

Gestures explains to us that to go under the tunnel then left, then right and you're there.

So we go in the specified direction. The long walk. In no way will come. Again lost.

Go to a small shop, the buyer in this one biker. So biker, biker - like leather dress, long hair, in the hands of a helmet. We said to him: - "Please help me, how to go?" and poked at a piece of paper-a printout. Here he is with a smile pulls out his leather pants, guess what? Of course pocket card. It seemed to us that they're all and always carry a small book-card. Looks, collects the merchants store, any passers-by. They all discuss it and shows us what is left to go through quite a bit, just turn a little to the left, a couple of houses and we're there. Thank you, go ahead.

Really close, around the corner, on a narrow side street composed of a few houses, and was our hotel.

This whole adventure took us about four hours. The yard was already night, and the host, Antonio, miracle man, was waiting for us and were greeted with smiles, hugs and kisses as if we were old friends. By the way, we are exactly those of steel for the duration of our stay with him. Who cares about the hotel and very helpful and friendly host Antonio can be found here.

Did you know so much about the city, and so closely acquainted with the mentality of local residents, while traveling for the holidays? That's just the same))

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