Walk in the center of Warsaw

In Warsaw, we spent less than a day, EN route from Spain to Kaliningrad. Staying in the hostel Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera, in the heart of the city. Attracted us hostel location, walking distance to the Central railway station of Warsaw and, of course, reasonable price. The hostel was awful - dusty, dirty, with an unpleasant odor. Here about the hostel will not tell, not about the article, and we already talked about it in some detail in a previous article, if you want you can read here.

For a long time in this hostel naturally not stay, went for a walk through the center of the evening in Warsaw. Were, without any purpose, something to see or visit, just walking through the streets, raving aimlessly. Our route lay mainly on the following streets - Marszalkowska, Mokotowska, Nowowiejska, Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem avenues) and some other small streets and alleys.

Warsaw, however, and the whole of Poland does not seem, except that in addition to the historic neighborhoods of the cities they are also called old towns in every European town. "Old town" represents one, two quarters, which have preserved and maintained architecture of medieval Europe. In Warsaw this quarter is called Stare Miasto or old town.

So Warsaw, like any city of Poland at its core it is grey shabby buildings, garbage on the streets, a large number of drunks and homeless people, tasteless dressed constantly in a hurry and people with grim expressions on their faces. Why go far, go outside, the picture will be exactly alike. Only the road we have worse prices are more expensive and quality goods at a lower level.

Walk down the street Mokotowska

Mokotowska street Warsaw

Came across zbawiciela square (Plac Zbawiciela). The area is quite large, with many cafeterias and small restaurants.

Saviour Square Warsaw

Saviour's Square in Warsaw photo

Undoubted decoration of the square of the Savior is the Church of the Holy Savior.

Church of the Holy Savior Warsaw

Turned to the left, go down the street Nowowiejska.

Nowowiejska street Warsaw

In the main street Marszalkowska.

Marszalkowska street Warsaw

Warsaw Center

Warsaw Center

streets of Warsaw

walking through the streets of Warsaw

walking in the center of Warsaw

On both sides of the street there are many food service establishments.

cafe on Marszalkowska street

cafes in Warsaw

evening Warsaw

I came across a small market square with tents. Tents are imported, when they came to the station to be occupied in a hostel, the Bazaar was not. In tents selling honey, cheeses, sausages, butter, spices, dates, sweets and so much more interesting.

Warsaw market

Warsaw shopping market

market in the center of Warsaw

bazaar in Warsaw

bazaar in the center of Warsaw

Got hungry, went to eat Kebab. Institutions Kebabs in Poland are the main source of street food, here they are at every step. Ordered a kebab for 11 PLN each and a bottle of Coca-Cola, 0,5 liter for 5 PLN. The score was 27 PLN (Polish zloty).

Lider Kebab Warsaw

kebabs in Warsaw

a snack in Warsaw

Satisfy hunger, continued on his way. Came across a building with beautiful architecture. That it was not previously know, at present, the building belongs to the Bank.

old bank building Warsaw

Walking down the street Marszalkowska, we met a lot of quite interesting buildings of modern architecture.

Warsaw buildings

architecture of Warsaw

houses in Warsaw

buildings in the center of Warsaw

the diverse architecture of Warsaw


roads in Warsaw

I came across the Warsaw Palace of culture and science. The Palace is famous for its architecture and history, attracting tourists observation deck located at an altitude of two hundred meters. Detail of the Palace we described in a previous article. Read here.

Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw

Stalin's high-rise in Warsaw

Opposite the Palace of culture and science is a small shopping center. In the middle of nowhere is notable not sell the usual clothing and other items of daily use.

But if you go to a shopping center, you find yourself on a pedestrian street Chmielna. On both sides of the street are numerous catering establishments. The street was full of life, people walked, had fun and drank coffee in the cafes.

Chmielna street Warsaw

pedestrian street in Warsaw

walking street Warsaw

And we, yielding to the General mood, decided to sit down in one of the cafes and drink coffee with cake. Coffee, cake and biscuits in Poland is not good.

Ordered two cappuccinos, two rolls and a cake. The score was 44,50 PLN. Coffee 12,50, rolls, 4 cakes - 11,50 PLN.

coffee shop in the center of Warsaw

cappuccino and dessert

Returned to the Palace of culture and science, and went on Jerusalem Avenue (Aleje Jerozolimskie).

Jerusalem Alley Warsaw

On the right, the Palace of culture are the drama theatre (Teatr Dramatyczny m.st. Warszawy. Scena im. Gustawa Holoubka) and the Museum of technology with fountains at the entrance.

Drama Theater Warsaw

Museum of Technology Warsaw

Going further along Jerusalem Avenue to the intersection.

Aleje Jerozolimskie Warsaw

Walked on for a bit, went to the main entrance of the Central train station of Warsaw is Warszawa Centralna. Went into the station building, we had to buy tickets to the airport Modlin (Modlin). From this airport we at six o'clock in the morning flew to Gdansk.

How to quickly and cheaply get from the center of Warsaw to Modlin Airport and vice versa see here.

Warsaw Central Railway Station

Railway track and railway station are located in the basement that is under ground. Offices on all floors.

railway tracks underground

To the right of the Central entrance to the station is a shopping centre - Złote Tarasy House. Opening hours shopping centre - from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 22:00 hours, Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00. Exact address: Złota 59, 00-120 Warszawa Poland.

The shopping center is quite an interesting shape.

shopping center House Złote Tarasy

A small area near the shopping center.

the square near the shopping center House Złote Tarasy

In the Mall are shops of clothes, shoes, textiles, accessories and many different departments, like any other shopping center in any country of the world. There is a cinema.

shopping in the shopping center

Was and shop Avon. For the first time seen such a store.

Avon Studio in Warsaw

Our walk in the centre of Warsaw died by the end. We went back to our hostel, sleep was only a few hours.

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