Hotel Modlin in Warsaw. Or where to spend the night near the airport Modlin?!

If you fly or Vice versa arrived in the airport Modlin (Modlin), in the city of Warsaw and your flights are not docked, then you will surely have to spend time, maybe even spend the night.

It happened and we came to the railway station Warsaw from Kaliningrad about ten o'clock, further departure to Spain was from Modlin airport at 8 a.m. the next day. The airport from the city centre is at a distance of 40 kilometers. By the way tell you how cheaply and at any time of the day to get from Central Warsaw to the Modlin airport and(or) back we wrote earlier, read here.

So we needed somewhere to pass the night, of course you can in the airport or sit at the bar, but after eight hours of journey in the bus and before further flight wanted to relax, take a shower, drink coffee. Decided to stay in the city centre does not make sense because even at three a.m. will need to go to the airport. In addition, the bus took us already to the train station from where trains go to Modlin. Boarded the train and went to Modlin, but not the airport itself, and urbanisation, it is also called Modlin. Trains run only to the station Modlin airport is still about three kilometers to reach the bus. But we also wrote in the same article, how to get to Modlin.

Before leaving, in Kaliningrad via the website the Booking had booked a double room with shared bathroom in the guest house, which is called Hotelik - Modlin Airport.

Hotelik Modlin is located at ul. Kopernika 22, 05-102 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland.

Per night double accommodation paid 100 zl (PLN).

The guest house we liked.

A small two-storey building with attic, nice view and architecture. In the courtyard green area, lawn, flower beds, there are chairs and tables, in the center is a small fountain. The property offers free Parking, reservation is not required.

Modlin Hotel

In the lobby of the hotel Modlin is situated a small reception Desk, there are sofa and table. The lady receptionist good looking speaks well. We settled quickly, all the documents were ready.

The reception is open around the clock, and it is clear close to the airport, bringing visitors around the clock. Check-in from 12:00 hours, departure by 11:00.

For an additional fee you can order Breakfast.

Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel free of charge.

hotel near Modlin airport

To the second floor via a wooden staircase.

In the corridors there are vases with flowers, the walls are decorated with paintings and decorations.

the corridor of the Modlin Hotel

The hotel and rooms clean, there are no odors. On the floors quiet. Bathrooms on the floor a few, there is always free. Also the hotel has rooms with private bathrooms, but they are more expensive.

The interior of the room, strict and modest, but very nice and cozy. Entering the room, we have the impression that came to visit her grandmother.

The room had a kettle, tea bags and sugar that came in handy.

room at the Modliye Hotel

Modlin Hotel

Rested and slept we went to the airport.

To get to the airport in three ways:

- by taxi;

- walk three kilometers on a roadside near the road, no sidewalks. Or hitchhiking.

- by bus from Modlin station. Modlin station from the hotel is a three minute walk away. The ticket costs 6 zł. Journey time 10 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the official website the offices of the railway station, the driver. On the official website, line of departure (Od) must enter the "Modlin", and in line arrival (Do) - "Modlin Lotnisko".

Well, or, if very tight with money, you can try to be sneaky. For this, the official website of Railways Warsaw to see what time the train arrives at the station Modlin. Approaching the station by this time, but not with the main entrance and from the railway tracks. To wait for the train on the platform or better on the bridge. After the arrival of the train, together with out-of carriages for passengers to move to the main entrance of the railway station for boarding the bus. To get on the bus with the others, as if we had just come from the city centre. With us, tickets on the bus never checked. To do so, of course, is not good, if you have money - better pay!))

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