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Antalya is a resort city and port in the south of Turkey


Antalya is a large Turkish city and a famous resort on the Mediterranean coast with a rich history, developed infrastructure, beaches, places for leisure and entertainment.


Antalya has parks for walking and recreation, and parks that are suitable for families with children.

Some parks offer wonderful panoramic views.


Antalya has a rich centuries-old history and beautiful surrounding nature, thanks to which it provides an abundance of interesting places to travel outside the city.


The article provides a complete list of attractions, museums, parks, observation decks, waterfalls, entertainment, significant objects and interesting places in Antalya.


The article presents a list (with photos and descriptions) of the main and brightest attractions, museums, observation decks and entertainment of Antalya.


Perge or Perga is an ancient city, from which ruins now remain, which are one of the outstanding archaeological sites of Turkey.


Antalya is a Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast, famous for beaches, including sandy and pebble beaches, as well as beaches under rocks.


The old town of Kaleichi is the historical center of Antalya, which stands out with an abundance of attractions, museums and the remains of fortress walls, inside which there are buildings of different eras.


Retro tram Nostalzhi (Nostalgic tram) is the most recognizable transport of Antalya and one of the business cards of the city.

The tram line runs through the city center.


You can get from Antalya airport to the city center (from the center to the airport) by taxi /transfer, car, shuttle, tram and buses.


Konyaalti Street is one of the most picturesque streets of Antalya, which stretches from the old town of Kaleici to Konyaalti Beach.

The path is accompanied by gorgeous views of the sea, parks and restaurants near the cliffs.


Cumhuriyet Street, which translates as Republic Street (Cumhuriyet Caddesi) is one of the busiest and most interesting streets in Antalya.


Ataturk Boulevard is one of the most beautiful streets in Antalya, which is decorated with tall palm trees and flowers; there are walking areas, an abundance of shops, cafes and restaurants; a retro tram runs.


Iskele Mosque (Iskele camii) is a small but significant mosque in the old port of Antalya, which looks quite unusual and has an interesting feature.


Karakash Mosque (Karakaş Cami) is a mosque in the center of Antalya, leading the history since the 14th century.

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