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Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast, which, conveniently, has a large international airport, and is also famous not only for old town, plenty of attractions, museums, cable car to the mountain and places for entertainment and walks, but also its beaches.

All this, in osprey, provides an excellent option for recreation.

Within the city of Antalya there are sandy, pebble and rocky beaches equipped with platforms. There are both free beaches and paid beach clubs. There is also a women-only beach.

Many beaches of the city and province of Antalya have a Blue Flag award and all the necessary beach infrastructure: sun loungers and umbrellas, areas for people with disabilities, water entertainment areas, decking for ease of movement, free changing cabins, showers and toilets, beach cafes and bars, free Wi-Fi, lifeguard services and first aid.

There are also hotels in the city that have their own beach areas. You can get to the beaches and beaches of Antalya by public transport, car or taxi.

Beaches of Antalya. Antalya Coast

Lara Beach

Lara Beach (Lara Plajı) is one of the long and wide beaches of the city, which has all the necessary beach infrastructure, and nearby there are luxury hotels, a park area for picnics and cafes.

The beach is located at the eastern tip of the city of Antalya, and also goes beyond the city limits - captures the resort areas of Aksu and Kundu.

In Aksu and Kondu there are 5-star resort hotels, located on the first line, with green areas, swimming pools, water slides, sports, gaming and entertainment areas, restaurants, bars, spa and fitness centers, as well as infrastructure on the beaches, piers and facilities for water sports. Most hotels operate on an all-inclusive system.

Some hotels are stylized as world-famous buildings and attractions. From hotels

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Lara Beach, both directly in the city of Antalya and beyond, is wide.

On the beach there are large and fine sand of gray and golden colors, in places there are small pebbles.

The sea water is clean and transparent. The approach to the sea is mostly gentle, the depth comes gradually.

On the beach, places for sunbathing, where you can sit on your own beach towel, alternates with beach clubs - areas with sun loungers and umbrellas, beach cafes and water activities.

An embankment runs along the beach. More about Lara Beach…

Beaches of Lara to the west along the coast

Further west along the coast, there is a rocky part of Lara beach, where the beach is located 5-star Hotel Club Hotel Sera with private grounds with garden, swimming pools, spa, restaurant and bar.

The hotel has a rocky beach area with a pier and equipped descents into the sea waters.

The room rate includes an all-inclusive system. Link to the hotel booking

Behind the rocky promontory, Lara Beach has a small bay with coarse sand, pebbles and rocky formations, where there are beach clubs with all amenities, but you can also stay on a personal towel.

On the beach there are showers, changing cabins, a place to play beach volleyball.

Behind the beach there is a narrow road with a sidewalk, along which there are low residential buildings, there is also a cafe and a small sports ground.

Karpuz Liftan Beach

Karpuz Liftan Beach (Karpuz Kaldıran Plajı) is located to the west of Lara Beach and this beach is used as a beach for the military.

Access to the beach is closed.

Beaches of Nazar and Lara hotels

Next lies the rocky coast of Antalya, where small beaches of the Nazar and Lara hotels are located under the rocks.

Stairs lead to the beaches.

A Nazar Beach Hotel The beach is a concrete platform with equipped descents into the sea.

The hotel also has a swimming pool with slides, sun loungers and a bar; a terraced area with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The room rate includes: breakfast, breakfast + dinner or an all-inclusive system. Link to the hotel booking

A Lara Hotel The beach strip is narrow but sandy. The beach has sun loungers and parasols.

Also in the hotel: swimming pool with sun loungers and parasols, terraces with panoramic sea views, bar, restaurant and spa.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. Link to the hotel booking

Rocky coast with Duden waterfall and beaches

Further, and to the historical center of the city, there is a long rocky coast, where the slopes descend to the sea itself.

Here, above the slopes there are park areas and terraces with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Attracts the attention of Duden Park (Düden Parkı), which houses the picturesque Lower Dyuden Waterfall (Aşağı Düden Şelalesi), which falls directly into the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the attractions of Antalya. More about the waterfall and the park…

Further (to the west) there are beaches, which are equipped platforms under the rocks, on which there is infrastructure, including cafes, bars, sun loungers and umbrellas, showers, toilets and changing cabins.

Among these beaches there are both free beaches, beach clubs, and beaches of hotels.

Descents into the sea on these beaches are stairs. The sea water is clean, the depth comes immediately.

These beaches are good because they provide an excellent recreation option for lovers of swimming in the open sea and those who like snorkeling - there are rocks, grottoes and, although not abundant and bright, but the life of sea monasteries. There are diving opportunities on and near some beaches.

From public beaches: Konserve Halk Plajı, Halk Plaj, Muratpaşa Belediyesi Mobil Halk Plajı, Belediye Halk Plaj, Muratpaşa Belediyesi Antalya İnciraltı Plajı, Belediye Halk Plaj, Muratpaşa Belediye Ücretli Plaj and Muratpaşa Plajı.

From hotels with beaches:

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Adalar Beach

Adalar Beach (Adalar Beach Club) is a small beach club in the center of Antalya, located in a rocky area Karaalioglu Park.

The beach is equipped with platforms on which there is a cafe-bar, sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. There is also a shower, toilet and changing cabins on the beach.

The entrance to the sea is equipped with stairs. The depth comes immediately. The water is clean and transparent, so the bottom can be seen quite well, which gives good opportunities for snorkeling.

The beach is paid.

You can go down to the beach by the stairs from the Karaalioglu Park. More about Adalar Beach…

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach, which translates as Marble Beach (Mermerli Plajı), stands out for its history and location.

The beach is located in the very center of Antalya - at the foot of the cliff, under the fortress walls of the old town (Kaleichi district), in a small rocky bay near the old port of Antalya.

The beach has the shape of a horseshoe. Here the rocky coast alternates with rocky ledges.

There is sand on the beach in places and there are platforms that protrude into the sea waters. Sun loungers and umbrellas are placed on the beach and platforms.

The sea water is clean and calm. The bottom is pebble-rocky. The depth comes pretty quickly.

Above the beach of Mermerli, on the former city walls, there is the restaurant of the same name "Mermerli" (Mermerli Restaurant) with indoor and outdoor terraces.

The beach is paid.

You can go down to the beach by stairs; entrance is through the restaurant. More about Mermerli Beach…

Antalya Old Port

The old port of Antalya (Kaleiçi Yat Limanı Antalya) is a harbor located under the former fortress walls and is now one of the main attractions of the city, where guests of the city like to walk and relax locals.

In the port: places for walking and recreation, restaurants, a park with a playground, an amphitheater, shops, monuments, museums, a small Iskele mosque with a spring, panoramic elevator, travel agencies, parking and toilets.

There are no official beaches in the port, but people sunbathe on the rocks at the breakwater, which is also used by tourists as an observation deck. More about the old port of Antalya…

Rocky coast

Along the sea line further, to the southwest, there is a rocky steep coast.

There are no beaches in this part of Antalya.

Here, on a rocky hill (along Konyaalti Street), there are restaurants and cafes with panoramic terraces. Also noteworthy are the park on the Yavuz Ozjan Cliff and the Ataturk Park with fountains, an equestrian statue to Sultan Giyaseddin Keykhusrev I, flower beds, places to relax, a lunapark and terraces with beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, rocky shores, the old port and the old city of Antalya. More about Konyaalti Street…

Konyaalti Street ends near the Konyaalti Large Viewing Terrace (Konyaaltı Büyük Seyir Terası), which offers stunning panoramic views of the sea, Konyaalti beach, the coastal park area and mountain peaks.

There is a panoramic cafe near the observation deck. More about the viewing terrace and the panoramic cafe…

Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach (Konyaaltı Beach) is the most beautiful, long and wide beach in Antalya, which has all the necessary infrastructure, and there is an extensive beach park and a beautiful embankment nearby.

The length of the beach strip is about 8 kilometers.

On Konyaalti beach, places for sunbathing, where you can stay on your own beach towel, alternates with areas with sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as beach areas of hotels.

On the beach there are pebbles, from small to larger, sometimes mixed with sand.

The sea water is clean and transparent. The depth comes pretty quickly. More about Konyaalti Beach…

In the eastern part of the beach and Konyaalti Beach Park, you can stay in hotels

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These hotels have private beach areas with all amenities on Konyaalti beach.

The hotels are located on a rocky hill above the Beach Park. You can climb from the park to the hotels (as well as go down to the beach) by a free panoramic elevator or, if you wish, by stairs.

You can stop at the eastern part of Konyaalti Beach

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New Port of Antalya

Behind Konyaalti Beach there is a multi-purpose New port of Antalya Akdeniz (Port Akdeniz) with a harbor for yachts, cruise ships, container ships, bulk carriers, etc.

Sarysu Beach: general and female

Sarysu Beach (Sarısu Plajı) is the westernmost and last beach of Antalya, located behind the New Port at the foot of the mountains.

The total length of the beach is about 2 kilometers.

The beach is pebble-sandy, with a predominance of medium-sized pebbles. Lifeguards are on duty on the beach, there are changing cabins, showers and toilets.

Sarysu Beach is free and divided into two parts. In the first part (east) everyone can relax, and the second is intended only for women (this is the Sarysu women's beach, Sarısu Kadınlar Plajı) and there are sun loungers and umbrellas.

Near the beach there is a park area and there is a cafe.

Not far from Sarysu beach you can stop

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Beaches of Antalya Province (outside the city of Antalya)

Outside the city of Antalya, in the province of Antalya, which is very long and has many beaches, can be distinguished:

beaches in Belek and Side with beautiful resort hotels on the first line with wide and sandy private beach areas;



beaches in calm Incekum;

Hotels in Incekum booking

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the long beaches of Cleopatra and Damlatash in Alanya;

Hotels in Alanya booking

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beaches Kemer, as well as resort villages and towns of the Kemer district (Tekirova, Kirish, Chamyuva, Faselis, Chiraly, Goynyuk, Beldibi).

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