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Panoramic elevator Kaleiçi in Antalya, with a viewing platform

Kaleici Panoramic Elevator is not only a means of transportation in Antalya, but also a popular viewing platform.

The Kaleichi Elevator is located in the very center of Antalya, near a rocky cliff and the former the fortress walls of the old town of Kaleichi, and connects old port with Kaleichi Street and Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı).

Since part of the city of Antalya, including the old port and the old town, are located on different levels, sometimes, especially on hot summer days, climbing and descending the steps were somewhat tedious. The elevator built in 2014 solved this problem, and now in a couple of minutes you can easily climb the panorama elevator.

The walls of the elevator are glass. So, going up or down by elevator, breathtaking panoramic views open up to the eye.

There is a glass observation deck at the top of the elevator, which offers gorgeous views of nearby restaurants, Antalya's old town, the port, fortress walls (you can climb the wall and admire the views of the port and the sea), the beach of Mermerli, the Mediterranean Sea, some surroundings and mountains.

The elevator is open around the clock.

Entrance to the elevator on both levels (ascent, descent) is free.

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