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Kechili park with a viewing platform in Antalya (Kecili Park)

Kecili Park, which translates as a Small Park, is a small cozy park in the Old City of Antalya, which attracts attention, first of all, with an observation deck from which beautiful panoramic views open.

Kecili Park is located near the rocky shore in the historical center of Kaleichi and is a small well-kept garden square.

This small park is distinguished by a green area and cozy paths with places to relax. In the park there is a fountain and a wooden sculpture of two goats.

The most attractive thing in Kecili Park is the observation terraces and a glass observation deck, which offer magnificent views of the sea, old port, Mermerli beach, rocky shores of Antalya and mountains.

This observation deck is one of the best in Antalya, as well as one of the favorite places for photo shoots in the city.

Practical information

Kecili Park is open 24 hours a day.

Visiting the park is free.

Address of Kecili Park: Kılınçarslan, Civelek Sk. No:34, 07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey.

You can enter the park from Ömer Efendi Sk.

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