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Cumhuriyet Street, Antalya (Republic Street, Cumhuriyet Caddesi)

Cumhuriyet Street, which translates as Republic Street (Cumhuriyet Caddesi) is one of the busiest and most interesting streets in Antalya.

Republic Street, along with the old town of Kaleichi, is a place of attraction for many tourists.

Cumhuriyet Street has a length of about one kilometer. It runs in the historical center of Antalya, along the old town of Kaleici and stretches from Ataturk Boulevard, which is the most picturesque street in Antalya, to streets Konyaalti (near the park on the Yavuz Ozjan cliff), which is a panoramic route from the old town to the eponymous Konyaalti beach.

There is an abundance of greenery on the street, places for walking and relaxing, there are cafes, restaurants, shops and currency exchangers.

Part of the street is pedestrian, and part is carriageway. Running down the street retro tram "Nostalgji", which can take you to Archaeological Museum of Antalya and Konyaalti beach.

Along Cumhuriyet Street , special attention is attracted

Old market (Old Bazaar), where they sell clothes, hats, bags, shoes, jewelry, sweets, spices, souvenirs, etc.

A small square with a fountain and a monument to the king of Pergamon Attalus II, who lived and ruled before our era and whose name was immortalized by the city of Attalia, founded by him in the south of his possessions (modern Antalya).

Around the square there are restaurants with outdoor tables and shops.

406 Sk streets run from the square to the north. and Kazım Özalp Cd., which are pedestrian, with an abundance of cafes, restaurants and shops. There are also currency exchangers on the streets. If you follow these streets, and then along Şarampol Cd. street, you will come to a large shopping center "Mark Antalya" (MarkAntalya AVM). The distance from the square on Cumhuriyet Street to the shopping center is about 650 meters.

Opposite the square on Cumhuriyet Street are the remains of the former defensive fortifications of Antalya - towers and ruins of the city walls, among which the Antalya Clock Tower stands out (Antalya Saat Kulesi).

The clock tower was built in 1901 by Grand Vizier Kuchuk Said Pasha II by decree of Sultan Abdulhamit II. The tower has a pentagonal base (formerly part of the bastion) with a smaller square plan with a crenellated top. The clock is placed on all four sides of the tower body. Learn more about the walls, towers and gates of Antalya…

Further along the Republic Street and near the Clock Tower is the Mevlevihane Museum (Mevlevihane Müzesi), which consists of the Mevlevi dervish monastery with an exhibition of dervish items and clothing, a hammam, two mausoleums, a cemetery, a madrasah and ruins. Admission to the museum is free. More about the museum complex…

Further along Cumhuriyet Street there is a large Republic Square (Cumhuriyet Meydanı, Cumhuriyet Square), which is the main square and the heart of Antalya, where there is a monument to the famous historical figure and founder of the Republic of Turkey - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. There are also observation decks on the square, which offer panoramic views of the old town of Antalya, the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea. More about Republic Square…

Near Republic Square there are panoramic restaurants and cafes, a park area with places to relax, free Kaleichi panoramic elevator, which leads to Antalya old port.

Further, in the western direction, Cumhuriyet Street stretches for another 350 meters and then flows smoothly into Konyaalti Street.

Here the street has a driveway along which public transport runs, including buses and trams; panoramic restaurants, a park area and panoramic views of the rocky steep coast and the sea surface.

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