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Street with umbrellas in Antalya (Umbrella Street Antalya, 2 İnönü Sokak)

Umbrellas Street is one of the brightest and most remarkable streets in Antalya, distinguished by colorful umbrellas.

The name "Umbrella Street" is used in tourist guides, whereas officially the street is called 2 Inönü Sokak and this is the name you need to look for on maps.

The street with umbrellas is located in the historical center of Antalya, next to by Ataturk Boulevard.

Umbrellas Street is completely pedestrian, and it is quite small, its length is about 100 meters. But the street stands out because many colorful umbrellas are placed above it.

Along the street there are low historical buildings, in which there are cafes and restaurants with outdoor tables, as well as several shops.

The street with umbrellas in Antalya did not appear by chance!

Shopkeepers have covered one of the central historical streets of the city with a bright installation - hundreds of colorful umbrellas to create a special atmosphere on the street, as well as to protect pedestrians on the street from the sun. The idea quickly attracted the citizens and guests of the city, who visited the street and for the purpose of photographing.

So the street became popular and it began to be called "Umbrella Street".

On the street road, fancy patterns are formed from umbrellas.

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