Warsaw's old town - historic centre of Warsaw, today is the most popular tourist attraction of the city.

The old town is absolutely small, is, rather, a quarter, a compact complex of historic architecture, partially surrounded by defensive walls.

Despite its modest size, the Warsaw old town is very cosy and very colorful. Low buildings are so vivid that sometimes it seems, can enjoy them for a very long time.


If you fly or on the contrary flew to Modlin airport, in the city of Warsaw and your flights are not docked, then you will surely have to spend time, maybe even spend the night.

It happened and we came to the railway station Warsaw from Kaliningrad about ten o'clock, further departure to Spain was from Modlin airport at 8 a.m. the next day. The airport from the city centre is at a distance of 40 kilometers. By the way tell you how cheaply and at any time of the day to get from Central Warsaw to the Modlin airport and(or) back we wrote earlier, read here.

So we needed somewhere to pass the night, of course you can in the airport or sit at the bar, but after eight hours of journey in the bus and before further flights I wanted...


In Warsaw as throughout the Europe, mostly paid Parking.

The cost depends on the zone in which you are going to Park your car. All European cities, including Warsaw, divided into zones, the closer to the center or tourist attractions is the Park, the more expensive it will be to leave her car. Accordingly, the most expensive Parking in Warsaw will be Parking located in the city center and near attractions as well as places with large concentrations of people.


Warsaw, like any city of Poland at its core it is grey shabby buildings, garbage on the streets, a large number of drunks and homeless people, tasteless dressed constantly in a hurry and people with grim expressions on their faces. Why go far, go outside, the picture will be exactly alike. Only the road we have worse prices are more expensive and quality goods at a lower level.

Long in the hostel could not stay, went for a walk through the center of the evening in Warsaw. Were, without any purpose, something to see or visit, just walking through the streets, raving aimlessly. Our route lay mainly on the following streets - Marszalkowska, Mokotowska, Nowowiejska, Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem avenues) and some other small...


The Church of the Holy Savior in Warsaw, the Polish name Najświętszego Kościół Zbawiciela, is valid to this day Catholic Cathedral.

This Basilica is a true decoration of the square of the Savior. Without it the area would not be so charming and would be quite grey, gloomy and miserly look.

The Church is a thank-you gift to Christ the Saviour and embodies the Gothic style of architecture with elements inspired by the Polish Renaissance and Baroque. The temple has fairly large size and rounded shape, no...


The Palace of culture and science is one of the most famous and tallest buildings of the city of Warsaw, but throughout Poland, under the spire (lance) which is located at the clock tower. The building has a height of 234,5 metres and a fairly large size, which is why it is conspicuous, it is very well seen from almost all points of the city.

The building of the Palace of culture and science went to the capital of Poland since the Stalinist era. The Palace was given to the poles from the Soviet Union. Built for the festival, held in 1955 in Warsaw. That is why the building of the Palace so it seems...


The hostel is located in the city center of Warsaw, within walking distance of train stations, trains and subways, at Waryńskiego 12, Sródmiescie, 00-631 Warsaw, Poland.

Unfortunately, the good location of the hostel Riviera was his first and only plus. Walk from Riviera to Central railway station, Warszawa Centralna is only 15-20 minutes walking.

The lady receptionist gave us the room key and two sets of bedding, which by size is smaller than beds. Towels were not given, they have them at all, not even for an additional fee. We have towels too. Well at least toilet paper...


From Central Warsaw to the Modlin airport, which houses the low-cost airlines Ryanair and Wizzair, can be reached in several ways:
- by bus;
- by train;
- by taxi;
- by car.

Distance from city centre and airport Modlin is about forty kilometers, so the most economical option - walk, disappears in itself.

Trains depart from the station Warszawa Zachodnia. On her way, arriving with international bus lines of the company Ecolines. Also trains run from the very center of Warsaw with the Central...

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