Parking in Warsaw

In Warsaw as throughout the Europe, mostly paid Parking.

The cost depends on the zone in which you are going to Park your car. All European cities, including Warsaw, divided into zones, the closer to the center or tourist attractions is the Park, the more expensive it will cost to leave her car. Accordingly, the most expensive Parking in Warsaw will be Parking located in the city center and near attractions as well as places with large concentrations of people.

Payment for Parking must be clean and display. Come to the Parking meter, choose the time you want to leave the car and pay. We accept cash, in some machines the cards.

The cost of hourly Parking lots. In some cases, minute-by-minute - 10 minutes. For example, in downtown Warsaw cost 10-minute Parking spaces costs 0.50 PLN (zl, PLN) and in ascending order depending on the time of Parking.

The Parking meter you will be given a ticket (receipt), which will be the date and start time of Parking. This voucher must be placed on the dashboard on the driver side so that you can see through the windshield. Forgot to put, pay the fine.

All Parking spaces marked with the letter R. Even if you parked the car, and in sight of the Parking meter has not appeared, do not be lazy to look around closely, probably somewhere he is perhaps behind the next corner. Controllers go quite often, upon returning to the car on the driver's side glass can detect fine. Otherwise it will, as we have in Lithuania, returned to the car and found glass glued on yellow paper receipt with a fine of 12 euros. Read more about it and how we pay the penalty, can be read here.

Note that fines in Europe are more economical to pay immediately on the spot.

To Park in inappropriate places is not advised. It threatens considerable fine and towing of your vehicle. And run around an unfamiliar city in search of a tow yard and the offices of payment of fines is not very fun.

So look at the Parking meters in Warsaw

payment for parking in Warsaw

And that Parking rates in the city centre

the cost of parking in the center of Warsaw

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