Parking in Alicante

In the Spanish city of Alicante streets are mostly narrow and car Parking is very small. Therefore, Parking lots are basically all paid.

Paid Parking is easy to identify, they are all marked with a white letter P on a blue background. At the same sign will be written in time during which Parking is paid.

Here in the Parking lot will be the Parking meter. The Parking fee is necessary to make your own, using this same meter. Payment is accepted as cash and credit cards.

After payment, the Parking meter will be given a ticket (receipt) which will show the date and start time of Parking. This card must be put on the car's dashboard on the driver side so that you can see through the windshield. If you forget to put the coupon paid Parking, and in your absence to pass the controller, then you'll be given a ticket. Controllers go quite often. Without payment of the Parking lot upon returning to the car on the driver's side glass can detect fine. We got it in Lithuania, returned to the car and found glass glued on yellow paper receipt with a fine of 12 euros. Read more about how we flew to the fine and paid it can be read here.

It should be noted, the fines in Europe are more economical to pay immediately on the spot.

Some of the desire to save, leave your car in not designed for Parking areas and hope that will carry. If will carry and you will have time to go back to the bypass control, it is good, consider you lucky. However, doing so, hoping to chance and luck, not suggest, because such actions threaten serious fines and even towing of your vehicle. And run around an unfamiliar city in search of a tow yard and the offices of payment of fines is not very fun.

Here are the Parking meters in Spain

parking meters in Spain

The cost of Parking depends on the area in which you are going to Park your car. All European cities, including Alicante, divided into zones, the closer to the center or tourist attractions is the Park, the more expensive it will cost to leave her car. Accordingly, the most expensive Parking in Alicante will be Parking located in the centre of the historic city, at the beach and near attractions, in General, all public places of a big congestion of people.

The Parking time starts from thirty minutes of Parking and pumped a maximum Parking time 120-300 minute, that is, from two to five hours.

The cost, as I said earlier, depends on the Parking zone. For example, the cost of 30 minutes of Parking in the blue blue main and commercial streets and areas worth of 0.30 cents, and 120 minutes in the same areas of 1.80 euros. In average the blue zone you can put the car from thirty to TRESTA minutes, there is a maximum Parking time of five hours, the cost of 30 minutes of Parking will be 0.15 Euro cents, and 300 minutes - 1.50 Euro.

Parking at the beach and in the historical centre of the city will be worth a little more expensive.

In this photo you can clearly see in what the blue zones how much is Parking. These signs are all over town.

the cost of parking in Alicante

But these scoreboards are on each Parking meter. To specify the area, time and Parking costs.

parking in Alicante

In Spain the type of service provided not only for cars but also for motorbikes. As in Spanish cities, as in all southern European countries a lot of mopedists.

parking in Spain

There are other Parking where you can Park the car for the day, and two, and for a week or longer. There are extensive public paid Parking at the Central streets and private Parking lots. Better to look for municipal Parking, it is usually cheaper than private. There is, for example, Parking the Gran Via, Navas Parking, Parking Carlet where the cost of Parking as per-minute, and daily, for 11 € per day, Parking La Montaneta - the cost of Parking it somewhere 14 Euros per day, maybe more, and 15 days 81 Euros, etc. Parking lots.

In the centre of the city, at night, Parking is usually free and sometimes free on weekends. It's written on a Parking machine. There is also free Parking, but there is not a lot, usually free space on them try to find, especially in high season or during holidays.

You can look for free places in the yard. Do hotels have their own private Parking, which for a fee or for free (which is rarely) you can put the car, when booking a hotel see the hotel Parking. Some of the hostels we saw Parking for 8-10 Euros a day, let even with the street, if space is available.

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