Riku Hotel offers comfortable rooms decorated in a modern style. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, which is built into the wall under the window and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels. Each room has a private bathroom. The bathroom is very comfortable, a Hairdryer and free toiletries.

The hotel has a modern restaurant die Hausbrauerei Barfüßer Memmingen and here's the bar where you can enjoy a drink. The restaurant is on the ground floor of the hotel. The restaurant has two rooms, a hall indoors and an outdoor terrace. The restaurant serves dishes like German food (Bavarian sausages, salads, knuckle, beer) and pan-European, it is also possible to order a pizza or...


Tasty and relatively inexpensive meal in the German town of Memmingen in any institution of the city. Relatively cheaply, because cheap prices in Germany just yet, it is still an expensive country, the currency is the Euro.

Memmingen non-touristy town, the bulk of visitors at any time of the year is the local population, so you can go into any restaurant or café in the city, to see menus, choose and order without even thinking about what the food will be tasteless. Prices in the city about the same everywhere.


The distance from the airport to the center of Memmingen is four kilometers. You can get from the airport to the city center by bus, taxi, car or on foot.


Memmingen is a beautiful city, getting into it, the impression that he was in a fairy tale. All these multi-colored gingerbread houses lined up in a row, clean streets, glass Windows of shops and cafes, such as glass stops, and in the evening everything is lit by hundreds of colored lights.

We were particularly impressed by the clean streets, smooth roads, calm and smiling locals leisurely strolling through the streets of the city. Have the impression that in this city nobody is in a hurry, life goes on slowly, and every citizen gets a positive emotion.


Visiting this small but very beautiful and charming town of Bavaria Memmingen simply impossible not to walk in the Park in this town - Stadtpark Neue Welt (Neue Welt Park).

Park, of course, is not in the heart of the city, expensive Yes but it is only a 15-20 minutes leisurely step. For one thing, you can enjoy the views of the town and experience the regular life of local residents.


Park Neue Welt is located near the train station and the city centre of Memmingen.

In warm and Sunny money is a great place to stroll with the whole family, to enjoy the scenery and relax. The Park has plenty of greenery, there is a natural body of water (river) and always pretty quiet.

Summer in the middle of the Park there is a summer café where you can sit and...

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