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How to go to the Park Neue Welt in Memmingen

Visiting this small but very beautiful and charming town of Bavaria Memmingen simply impossible not to walk in the Park in this town - Stadtpark Neue Welt (Neue Welt Park).

Park, of course, is not in the heart of the city, expensive Yes but it is only a 15-20 minutes leisurely step. For one thing, you can enjoy the views of the town and experience the regular life of local residents.


1. Exit from the main entrance of the station (Bahnhof Memmingen) on the street Maximilianstraße (Maximilianstrasse) and follow in the direction Heidengasse is 350 metres away
2. Turn right and follow Kramerstraße (Kremerstrasse) - 120 meters
3. Turn slightly right and continue on Kramerstraße (Kremerstrasse) - 65 meters
4. Turn right at the Marktplatz (Marktplatz) - 27 meters
5. Turn left and continue on Marktplatz (Marktplatz) is 88 meters
6. Marktplatz (the Market) turns left and goes into Rathausgasse (Rathausgasse) - 24 meters
7. Turn right at Am Einlaß (S Ainless) - 16 meters
8. Turn left at Am Luginsland (Am Luginsland) - 210 meters
9. Turn right at Saarlandstraße (saarlandstraße underground station) - 120 meters
10. Turn left onto An der Neumühle - 19 m
11. Follow the footpath to the Park is 800 metres away
12. Finish! You Park in the city of Memmingen!

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