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Where to eat deliciously in Memmingen

Tasty and relatively inexpensive meal in the German town of Memmingen in any institution of the city. Relatively cheaply, because cheap prices in Germany just yet, it is still an expensive country, the currency is the Euro.

Memmingen non-touristy town, the bulk of visitors at any time of the year is the local population, so you can go into any restaurant or café in the city, to see menus, choose and order without even thinking about what the food will be tasteless. Prices in the city about the same everywhere.

In the city centre catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars and bakeries) are situated in many buildings, sometimes even several establishments in the building. So problems finding a café is not. Under the restaurants and shops in the city reserved the ground floors of apartment houses and office buildings. Each institution has an interior space and usually a few tables out front in the street.

restaurants in Memmingen

The variety of dishes even in a small town in Germany just rolls over. Here and German cuisine, and European, and fast food restaurants, and even Italian pasta with various sauces. The portions are huge, I almost never had finished.

For example, in this restaurant we ordered two portions of pasta with spicy sauce and two cappuccino. Pasta brought in large pans each. And coffee sweet gift - two small cupcakes.

where to eat in Memmingen

That certainly need to try and Germany, the duck is coffee and pastries. They have awesome, we were eating ash behind the ears popped. Every morning started the day with a Cup of hot coffee and soft rolls, the benefit of living in the center, stayed at the hotel Rica.

Bakeries in Memmingen is also very much, especially in the center. They open early, some work from six in the morning. The locals in the morning before work buy yourself a different bun. Almost all bakeries have their own bakery here, so pastries are always fresh. And of course, no bakery is not complete without coffee(or) tea.

Photo bakery. Above the entrance is a famous symbol of the German bakeries - pretzels, our pretzel just.

bakery in Memmingen

One institution I can recommend,

a German restaurant die Hausbrauerei Barfüßer Memmingen.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel Riku Hotel Schweizerberg, in the heart of Memmingen, at Schweizerberg 17, 87700 Memmingen, Germany. Open daily from 11:00 to 01:00 hour. We frequented almost every night.

A cosy restaurant with a pleasant aged design serves, including traditional German cuisine. There are two rooms - an indoor and an outdoor terrace. Menu in two languages: German and English.

The portions are also large. Ordering a second dish, read the menu carefully, it can include a salad. We ordered a salad and on the second, plus the second dish they brought us more salad, have as many as four of the salad.

Will this restaurant, order a lemonade which is very tasty.

The institution is a large variety of beer. All of it tasty and fresh.

Sipping a delicious beer

drinking a beer

Photos of the interior we didn't, but the two photos below, the little seen

german restaurant

german restaurant

Dinner of two dishes. The fact was of four + two salad

dinner in Memmingen

dinner in Memmingen

In the evening the restaurant is always crowded. Locals come to him out for a pint of beer and chat. Come families and even with infants in strollers. While the kids are asleep, the parents are enjoying dinner.

In General, the Europeans, unlike us, do not stop going to bars and restaurants with tiny children. Children either sleep in strollers or playing around.

The most popular dish is the pork knuckle. Local order a knuckle one for each of us, eating straight from the skin, leaving on the plate only the bare bone. That's appetite! We also ordered the pork knuckle, but barely mastered one.

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