Saint Petersburg


Sheremetyevo Palace - the former estate of the Counts of Sheremetyevo and one of the palaces of St. Petersburg.

The palace is home to the Music Museum, which includes a restored suite of state rooms of the palace and an exhibition of musical instruments.


Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens - a historical building, which now houses the Government of St. Petersburg and operates a historical and memorial museum.

The Smolny parterre garden is adjacent to the building.


Resurrection Smolny Cathedral - one of the oldest churches in St. Petersburg, now a landmark of the city, made in the style of Elizabethan Baroque.


Chizhik-Pyzhik is one of the most famous monuments of St. Petersburg.

The monument is associated with an interesting story about the drunkenness of students and several signs that fulfill wishes and give happiness to the newlyweds.


The Mariinsky Theatre is one of the greatest opera and ballet theatres in Russia and the world.

This is a technically advanced theater complex in St. Petersburg, which includes 3 buildings with 7 stages.


The observation deck of the Smolny Cathedral is located at an altitude of 50 meters, in one of the belfries.

There are 278 steps leading to the observation deck.

This is the second highest observation platform in St. Petersburg; the first...


The Tavrichesky Garden is one of the most famous gardens in the central part of St. Petersburg.

The garden is a monument of landscape art; a public place for walking and recreation-admission is free.


The Tauride Palace is a former noble residence and one of the imperial palaces of the city; now it is an architectural monument.

Guided tours of the palace are available.


Yusupov Palace on the Moika is a former noble manor, a monument of history and culture, which is an architectural ensemble of the 18th and 20th centuries.

Today it is a museum open to the public.


Annenkirche (Annenkirche) - Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg.

This is a unique church that attracts attention because its interiors remain the same as they were after the fire.


The Summer Garden is one of the most beautiful and famous gardens in the center of St. Petersburg.

In the garden: the Palace of Peter I (museum), pavilions, alleys, cafes, pond, parterre, bosquets, borsos, fountains, sculptures, exhibition of the history of the Summer Garden.


The Summer Palace of Peter the Great is a historic building and one of the palaces located in the center of St. Petersburg.

Within the walls of the palace is a museum.


The monument to Alexander Pushkin in the Lyceum Garden is one of the most famous and most romantic of the Pushkin monuments in St. Petersburg.


The chapel of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God is the building of the Sacristy of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Savior on Blood), which is located across the street from the chapel.

Today, the sacristy is a chapel-museum.


Znamenskaya Church is a small active church located in the city of Pushkin in St. Petersburg, which was the first church of Tsarskoye Selo.

The church hosts Services.

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