Ice-breaker Krassin in Saint Petersburg - ship-museum

Icebreaker Krasin is a historical Arctic icebreaker of the 20th century, which is now a museum ship with an exposition located in St. Petersburg.

Currently, Krasin is moored at the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt, the 23rd line of Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg and is a museum ship with expositions that anyone can visit.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Russia had priority in the development of the Arctic Ocean, for which linear icebreakers were used for the first time. The firstborn of the Russian icebreaking fleet were the icebreakers Ermak and Svyatogor (later and now Krasin), which for half a century were the most powerful ships of this class in the world.

Construction of the icebreaker Svyatogor began in 1916. The icebreaker was built in England, in Newcastle. The icebreaker was launched on August 3, 1916 and was being completed in Middlesbrough. Svyatogor became the second Arctic icebreaker in Russia, the perfection of the design of which for several decades determined the general line in the development of domestic icebreaking.

On March 31, 1917, the St. Andrew's flag was raised on the icebreaker Svyatogor. On August 1, 1918, the icebreaker was sunk to block the way of the interventionist ships to Arkhangelsk, after which it was raised by the British and sailed under the British flag until 1921. After that, the icebreaker worked in the Baltic.

In 1927, the icebreaker Svyatogor was renamed the icebreaker Krasin. The icebreaker received the name "Krasin" in honor of Leonid Borisovich Krasin (1870-1926), who was a prominent politician who managed to negotiate the return of the icebreaker "Svyatogor" to Russia by the British Admiralty.

During the subsequent history, the icebreaker Krasin was the flagship of the operation to rescue Umberto Nobile's expedition on the airship Italy to the North Pole; a participant in the Ninth Kara Expedition - the largest and most crucial operation on the Kara Sea Route; reached Cape Desire; the leader of the First Lena Transport Expedition, as a result of which Yakutia gets access to the ocean; under the wiring of Krasin, the first campaign of warships was completed along the Northern Sea Route; followed M. Barrow in search of the crew of pilot S.A. Levanevsky; made an exit to America ; served as a research vessel.

In 1995, the first museum exposition was opened on board the icebreaker Krasin.

A bust of the famous Norwegian polar explorer and record holder Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) is placed on a high pedestal near the icebreaker.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the icebreaker "Svyatogor" during construction:

type of vessel - arctic sea icebreaker;

purpose - ship wiring and expedition work in the White Sea;

the maximum length is 98.5 m .;

the maximum width is 21.6 m .;

draft at maximum displacement - 9.1 m .;

displacement when fully loaded with coal is 10,620 tons .;

the main power plant is a steam-powered solid fuel;

power - 3x3 350 hp.;

speed - 15 knots.

Museum on board the icebreaker Krasin

The icebreaker Krasin symbolizes an entire epoch in the history of Russia.

On board the Krasin, excursions are conducted, including sightseeing, thematic, interactive and gaming. You can also walk along the icebreaker yourself (without an excursion escort), and in summer you can walk along the upper deck.

The engine room, hold, galley and bakery can be visited with excursions.

Cabin company of the icebreaker Krasin

Navigator of the icebreaker Krasin

Cabin of the expedition chief of the icebreaker Krasin

Cabin of the icebreaker captain Krasin

Cabin of the writer Viktor Konetsky of the icebreaker Krasin

The exposition "Pages of the history of the icebreaker" of the icebreaker Krasin

Practical information

Icebreaker Krasin is a branch of the Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean in St. Petersburg.

Entrance to the museum "icebreaker Krasin" is paid. The ticket offices are located near the ship. Tickets can also be purchased online on the museum's website.

Website of the Icebreaker Krasin Museum: krassin.

Address of the Krasin icebreaker: St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Island, Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, 23rd line.

Coordinates of the icebreaker Krasin: 59°55'40.0"N 30°16'08.0"E (59.927778, 30.268889).

The nearest metro station is Vasilevskaya.

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